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Bizarre Inventions You'd Want To Own At Least Once In Your Life

Bizarre Inventions You'd Want To Own At Least Once In Your Life

Think of a bizarre problem, and you best believe that someone has already thought of a solution for that. The daily troubles of life are almost always solvable, from inventing a pill for loneliness to hairy leggings that keep the perverts away. But sometimes, people take it too far.

Here are some of the bizarre inventions that might look awkward but look really useful for many of us.

Alcohol container in a tie

Nice solution for those long days.

Stroller with a scooter

Best gifts for mothers everywhere.

An umbrella for peepers

Very useful to see right ahead when it's pouring.

Crumb collector for feeding birds

Who can even think of something like this? LOL!

Lunch protecting bags

Very useful when you are sharing refrigerators.

Weight watching belts

We can use these for sure.

Ostrich caps for sleeping

Best for travel purposes. 

Umbrellas for dogs

Need to get one for my dog too.

Full face beanie

Polar Vortex, I am fully prepared.

Hairy stockings to keep the perverts away

This could come so incredibly handy to women everywhere.

Mouth strap for pets

This could prevent them from chewing on garbage and also, some unnecessary bites.

Piano bells

A musical welcome awaits.

Shower caps for babies

No more tears for sure.

LED slippers

Perfect for a night stroll around the house.

360 umbrella 

It could save so many from being drizzled on.

Chocalate slices

Just like a cheese slice, but only sweeter.

Upgraded chopstick

It is one way to eat Chinese.

Breast pump for men

When all dads want to cater for a child, this can be one way to do it.

Square pillow for binge-watching on Netflix

Every generation could use this now.

Human pillow

It might not look tasteful, but everyone could use it once in a while.

Nail polish dryer

What a cool gadget.

Toilet paper standby for people with cold

A weird one, but okay!

Dust-pan slippers 

Are these still available? Because I might use one.

People will keep inventing, you just have to deal with it

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