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Bigg Boss 13 Two Shocking News From Inside and Outside The house From Weekend Ka Vaar

Ex winner Shilpa Shinde on Bigg Boss 13's Sidharth Shukla: He wanted to keep Asim under his control

Why is Sidharth getting VIP treatment? Asks Shilpa Shinde

Bigg Boss 13 Two Shocking News From Inside and Outside The house From Weekend Ka Vaar
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I feel the show is totally scripted this time and the makers are not following any rules which were set by themselves. They are sending people out then bringing them back according to their convenience. In the previous seasons if anyone got hurt or fell ill they had to leave the show, but here Sidharth Shukla was out for more than a week and then he resumes the show. He is being served food in foil paper and rest of the housemates have to eat the normal food why this biased behaviour. When other housemates are adjusting why he is being given VIP treatment. They just want to show Sidharth is a good light. They are favouring him and it is ridiculous.

Why are contestants' personal life being dragged on the show?

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I am totally against how the makers are making a mockery of contestants' personal life. They are purposely making contestants feel disgusted by the hands of superstars like Rohit Shetty and Salman Khan. Just because nobody is performing in tasks, they are bringing people's personal life on the task. First, they did it with Rashami, then Arhaan and now Paras. I never liked Paras previously, but hat's off to him how he challenged and spoke for himself. You need guts to stand-up for yourself. The makers have no right to bring contestant's personal life on the show and humiliate them in such a way. They are making Salman Khan do this and that too without giving him the right information. During the weekend ka vaar episode, Salman sir had to clarify that he had not called Mahira pyada. He is just doing his job as a host, but the makers are providing him with wrong information.

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan opens the door for Asim-Sidharth, challenges them to go outside and fight

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Tonight's Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan is going to be an intense one. He has had enough of Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz' 'manly' fights.Ever since the once brothers became arch-enemies, not a day in the house has passed without their flights. Hurling abuses to disrespecting each other's families, they have also threatened each other to 'Tu bahar mil'.

Salman Khan finally is about to give these two men a fair chance to battle it out once and for all. He slams Sidharth and Asim when they start fighting in between his announcement. Salman shuts Sidharth and tells Bigg Boss to open the door. He tells them to go outside and fight since fighting inside the house is not allowed. He challenges them to get up, go out, beat up each other black and blue and come back if they are in the condition to.

Sidharth gets up and asks Asim to come with him. Do you think the two will go out and fight? Stay tuned for more updates from Bigg Boss 13.

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shilpa shinde, did you also win the biasness of big boss?

30 Days ago

jainul Abedin

thanks Shilpa for telling the truth of Bigg boss.. mughe pata tha tum v Bigg boss k liye jeeti thi

29 Days ago


At the time you won big boss same told by audiences today hina khan

30 Days ago

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