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Bengaluru residents buys Groceries for two months together

Bengaluru residents buys Groceries for two months together

Despite official warnings to refrain from panic buying, city residents have been rushing to supermarkets and markets to hoard groceries for weeks on end. Panic buying has begun in bengaluru after it was announced that karnataka will be under lock down till march 31 and that the state was closing its borders. Fearful of the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, bengaluru residents are flocking to supermarkets, smaller grocery stores, HOPCOMS and vegetable markets to stock up on monthly essentials.

Despite official warnings from the government, including prime ministernarendra modi, to refrain from panic buying, the fear of not being able to buy groceries has led to some of the city’s residents to hoard groceries that will likely last for several weeks. Some have even started learning how to cook, while others are placing orders to rent or buy new refrigerators. Further, several employees at supermarkets and grocery stores say that the increased sales is also because of the Ugadi festival on Wednesday.

Several residents in Mahadevapura and southbengaluru told TNM that they have ordered groceries for two months on sunday after the lockdown was announced. people fear that online orders would take too long to arrive and the local stores may run out of supplies. Several employees at various supermarkets in bengaluru told that they witnessed more number of people walking in to buy essentials on saturday and monday compared to their average footfalls. A lot of people generally end up buying weekly supplies in our outlet. But now, with the festival and the lock down, we are witnessing more sales. On saturday, the instant noodle section was sold out by 5 pm. This morning, rice, jaggery, sugar, atta got over in just fours hours since we opened,” an employee from a shop in koramangala said.

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