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Anushka Shetty was in a relationship already back in 2008

Anushka Shetty was in a relationship already back in 2008

anushka shetty has been slamming all the rumours that have been doing rounds on her marriage. But the actress herself, has also revealed that she was in a relationship once upon a time. And we doubt who it was.

Did you know that anushka shetty was in a relationship already back in 2008? In the interview she has given to a leading tabloid in hyderabad, the actress said, 'I have had the most beautiful relationship in the past, around the year 2008, but I can't tell you who the guy is because it's something very personal. I would have revealed his identity had we still been together.' The actress has been linked up to many of his co-stars back then. But never has she made any statements on it, but has always slammed the rumours that make rounds on her.

However, and for whatever reasons, the relationship did not go ahead. 'It was a choice we made, but for me, it still remains a very respectable relationship,' she explains. 'But the day I get married, it will be an open thing,' added the actress.Anushka is currently awaiting the release of her upcoming film Nishabdam. Directed by hemanth Madhukar, nishabdam has madhavan, anjali, shalini pandey, srinivas avasarala and other in lead roles.

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