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Antimatter - World's Most Costliest Thing

1 gm of Antimatter = $62.5 trillion

Anti-hydrogen is widely know as Anti-matter

In this world more than 90 % is filled with anti matter , only small percent of matter like human living things and which are able to see through eyes are called matter

Anti matter is a type a dark energy . we all know that Dark energy is more than Good energy

It is like a Tesseract in Avengers movie.

1gm of Antimatter can destroy the whole earth

Antimatter - World's Most Costliest Thing
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Antimatterer can be considered as being the exact opposite of matter as we know it.

It is composed of antiparticles, which are particles having the same mass but opposite charges due to the fact that every quark has an antiquark equivalent.

For eg - the antiparticle for an electron would be an anti-electron, which is known as a positron, and would have the same mass as an electron but would possess a possitive charge.

Just like particles join to form matter, antiparticles join to form antimatter.

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This suggests that there must be equal amount of matter and anti-matter in our world, but thats not the case as most of the stuff near us is made up of normal matter.

Now, one may ask that why is antimatter so uncommon in our everyday univese, this problem is known as the baryon assymetry.

During the big bang ,due to certain unknown reasons, nature chose to create 10,000,000,001 particles for every 10,000,000,000 antiparticles.

Matter and antimatter annihilate each other on contact, therefore this tiny error created most of our universe

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Many Government , businessmans , Organisation , scientist are spending huge amount to produce antimatter for making worlds most powerful weapon .

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Scientists are figuring out this right now but all these things have already been mentioned in our holy Quran long back by our prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

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useful info.

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ifgifgivohocxd,f Author, can you decode the above line? Even your antimatter ca'nt.

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