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Akbar's last wish that had never been fulfilled

Friends Akbar was a great emperor of India who had ruled Delhi for nearly 72 years. When Akbar's rule was in progress, he had no shortage of anything.

Akbar's last wish that had never been fulfilled
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But then Akbar's wish remained incomplete, that was to seize Maharana Pratap. Akbar first invaded Mewar in 1576, but he had a very bad defeat.

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After that Akbar attacked many Mewar but Maharana Pratap defeated Akbar every time. From 1575 to 1586, Akbar tried to make Maharaja Pratap of Mewar as his slave, but Akbar never succeeded in it.

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Akbar made every effort to make Pratap a slave, but he had to face defeat every time. When Pratap was killed due to illness, Akbar was very sad about this.

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Akbar the great..this article is fake.akbar didn't defeated by anyone.. the great secular rular in the world...

1 Years ago


maharana pratap was great warrior

1 Years ago


Absolutely wrong history facts readers please don't be misguided by such authors and read real history

1 Years ago

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