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Akanksha Puri claims Paras Chhabra lent his jacket to Asim Riaz

Akanksha Puri claims Paras Chhabra lent his jacket to Asim Riaz

MUMBAI: Two people who have been at loggerheads constantly from the beginning of Bigg Boss 13, it has to be Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz. The Sanskari playboy and Kashmiri model have been seen fighting from the very beginning and as the days pass, their quarrels have only intensified.

While Paras has his girlfriend Akanksha Puri always standing by his game, Asim Riaz is receiving all the support from his darling brother Umar Riaz.

But, while the two are fighting inside, their loved ones,  Akanksha and Umar have engaged in a verbal war outside. Yes, the two got into a spat on social media recently.

Paras Chhabra's girlfriend Akanksha Puri recently took to twitter to share a message for her beau and praising her for being kind to lend his clothes to Asim.

She said that the jacket Asim wore on the recent weekend episode was the one she sent for  Paras. She even revealed that this is the second time Asim is using Paras' clothes, and took a dig at him for not giving credits to the stylist.

Akanksha's nasty comment did not go down well with Umar Riaz, who gave her a good earful. Squashing her baseless claims, Umar clarified that the jacket was made by the designer appointed by them.

He further lashed out her for charging baseless and cheap accusations on Asim for no reason and compared her with Paras for their ugly and demeaning tactics.

Check out the tweets :

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