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AP least tested coronavirus cases state in India

AP least tested coronavirus cases state in India

Right from the beginning, apgovernment didn’t pay much attention in taking preventive measures against Coronavirus. ysrcp leaders and jagan have worrisome on postponement of local body elections than Coronavirus. YS jagan said coronavirus in light manner during his first press conference and wants local body elections. people were seen press meets of telanganacm and healthminister frequently on coronavirus update. No one knows who is healthminister for ap till coronavirus outbreak erupted. allanani appeared twice or thrice before media and gave his update forcefully it seems.

There is lot of confusion on number of foreigners returned to ap after coronavirus between health Secretary and chief minister of AP. As per their reports, government is unable to find whereabouts of around 400 people in the state. As per latest stats, there are 40 members affected with coronavirus positive cases in AP. 17 of them were attended Nizamuddin congregation and came to ap in different districts. ap has 4 coronavirus testing centres in the state. If the government uses the test centers effectively they can test 200 cases on daily basis. Why the government not conducting more tests in AP?

kerala and maharashtra are in Top both in positive cases and in doing coronavirus tests regularly. kerala did tests for 5400 and got 182 positive cases whereas maharashtra conducted for 3500 people and have 193 positive cases. In ap, coronavirus tests conducted for 470 persons and got positive cases of 40 in the state. In telangana 44 cases tested regularly and found 71 cases in the state. The average number of tests the apgovernment doing for 1 million people is 8 which is the least number when compared to other states. If ap increased the number positive cases also increase in coming days.

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