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AIADMK mouthpiece gets slammed for anti-Kamal abuse

Several people responded on social media calling the attack on the star-politician as vulgar and salacious.

AIADMK mouthpiece gets slammed for anti-Kamal abuse
Kamal Haasan

Chennai: Slowly but surely almost all the political parties and leaders, and the Fourth Estate, are now engaged in promoting actor-politician Kamal Haasan way beyond reality and even turning him into a martyr. The AIADMK mouthpiece Namadu Amma on Wednesday got heavily trolled for its editorial piece against Kamal for his election campaign speech that post-independent India’s first extremist was a Hindu and he was Nathuram Godse.

Not only did Namadhu Amma slam Kamal Haasan for his anti-Hindu statement, it also used very strong words and also carried the picture of Kamal embracing his daughter Shruti Haasan and kissing her on the cheek—printed just below the screaming headline: ‘Polikaalaikku Puriyuma…Punidhamikka Hindu Dharmam’, which translates as “How could a fake bull understand the purity of Hindu Dharma?”

Several people responded on social media calling the attack on the star-politician as vulgar and salacious. The AIADMK mouthpiece's barbs also included use of choice abuse against the actor, such as calling him mentally ill and seeking EC's ban on the party. It accused Kamal of dividing the society with his cinema.

"He comments of God in one movie, instigates fight between Shaivites and Vaishnavites in another film, then in another film he makes it appear that terrorism is only among the Muslims", said the AIADMK editorial that obviously referred to Kamal's controversial films such as Dasavatharam and Vishwaroopam", said the Amma edit page article.

The article also accused Kamal of dividing society with his cinema.

"For his personal gain alone, he instigates communities and creates problem between people. The Election Commission should immediately ban Makkal Aneedhi Maiam led by this mentally ill man", said the editorial.

It also alleged that Kamal had ruined a platform that owed its glory to such stalwarts as MGR, who would use the medium only for spreading good thoughts in the society.

"This mental man who tours Tamil Nadu has become a complete villain. He must immediately apologise for talking derogatorily about the Hindu religion", said the article, which has gone viral on social media.

It drew sharp reactions and even direct attacks on the AIADMK and its mouthpiece. "Sickening piece on Namadhu Amma against Kamal Haasan. Downright vile", tweeted one of the critics, K Balakumar @kbalakumar. That was perhaps the mildest kick on the face of the ruling party.

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