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99% of people do not know these 4 amazing ways to remove pimples - click to know

How are you guys, nail pimples on the face have become a common thing in today's time and most of the younger generation are the victims of nail pimples as the hormones in their body begin to change. Both boys and girls under 18 years are troubled by nail pimples and eat different types of medicines and use new face wash but still their pimples do not go away, but today we will give you this In the article we will explain why acne pimples come on the face, what causes them, what comes from eating and what are your mistakes and in the end we will tell you what is the treatment for it. And read the course until the end of this article so you can do to eliminate the root nail pimples.

99% of people do not know these 4 amazing ways to remove pimples - click to know
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Is age the only responsible for acne?

Let me tell you that it is not at all that only age is responsible for nail pimples, your food, your living, how much pollution you live in and how much spicy food you eat depends on all these things We are going to tell you about it, so definitely read carefully.

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Due to acne pimples


1) Wrong catering

In today's time, the younger generation mostly pays attention to taste and consume fast food and junk food, due to which they have to face its side effects. Spices have a lot of heat and fast food, junk food has many types of chemical and heat, and when young people consume junk food, as a side effect, nail pimples start appearing on the face and Many times these nails are stained even after acne.


2) Do not drink the right amount of water

Not drinking the right amount of water can also be a reason for nail pimples. When you do not drink the right amount of water, the pH level of your skin starts decreasing due to which the pimples in your skin start coming out more, but like As soon as you start drinking the right amount of water, then the pimples start reducing. You must drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water in 1 day and in summer it is necessary to drink 4 to 5 liters of water.


3) Excess pollution

Pollution is also a major cause of nail pimples, when you get out dust dirt and smoke stick on your skin, it closes the pores of your skin due to which your skin cannot breathe and starts getting pimples. So if you live in a polluted city like Delhi, then you must use face wash at least 3 times in 1 day when you get out in the morning. By that, are to wash the face in the morning and must wash the face before going to bed at night so that the dirt is not accumulated on your skin and your face is devoid of clean and spike acne.


4) overeating sweets

You must have seen that people who consume sweets are more prone to nail pimples and if you are a young person, you should not consume too much sweet because sugar is only harmful for you and any kind of benefit for you. When you start consuming sugar or sweets in large amounts, the nail pimples on your face as a side effect. One takes so stayed away from sugar and sweets and at least take it.


5) Sunlight is also a big reason

If you live more in the sun, then due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, even the pimples start getting more and your face also starts getting darker, so try to stay at least in the sun and if you get out in the sun then the face Came out after covering If you cover your face in the sun, then the ultraviolet rays of the sun will not have any effect on your face and your skin will be safe.


6) Bad stomach can also be a big reason

It has often been seen that the person whose stomach is right, his body is also right, but if your stomach is messed up and you are having problems like gas constipation and acidity, then the effect is visible on your face if your stomach If you have more problems of acidity and gas, then the acne pimples will definitely come out on your face, so you should try to keep your stomach correct if you want to keep your stomach correct. So start consuming one teaspoon of Triphala powder every night, your stomach will get right from the root.


7) Chemical-filled cosmetics

Today, cosmetics are also increasing in use and many types of harmful chemicals are being used which are damaging your skin. As a side effect of this, if you get nail acne for free. If you use more chemical-rich cosmetics, then in the long run, it spoils your face and gives stains on your face, so try to use Ayurvedic products on your face as any side effects. Not on your face.


8) Excess meat consumption is also a big reason

If you consume more meat then it can also be a big reason for your nail pimples because the amount of heat in the meat is very high and if you eat poultry farm chicken then some chemicals also have side effects on your face. But it is necessary to consume non-veg at least or so only once in 15 days.

How to get rid of facial pimples - these are easy ayurvedic tips


1) First recipe - To use this recipe, you will need multani mitti. Take 10 grams of multani mitti in a bowl and add two teaspoons of raw milk, add one teaspoon of rose water and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.By doing this, your nail pimples will disappear in just 5 days because multani mitti contains antibacterial ingredients that fight nail pimples. Help you


2) Second recipe - In this recipe you will need gram flour, in 10 grams of gram flour you squeeze half a lemon and add one spoon of honey and two to three teaspoons of raw milk and make a paste. After making its paste, apply it on your face and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash the face, this will make your face's nail pimples disappear in just 3 to 4 days.


3) Third recipe - The third recipe is very easy and effective. All you have to do is remove the gel from the aloe vera plant and apply it on your face and massage your face with aloe vera gel for 5 minutes. If you do it even for 3 days, then you will see that the pimples on your face will start disappearing and the stains will not remain.


4) Fourth recipe - The fourth recipe is even easier to use. All you have to do is to peel the banana and rub it on its face from the inside and rub it well where your pimples are. By doing this in three to four days, your pimples start reducing and your pimples disappear in 6 to 7 days.


Some important things

1) Wash your face thoroughly in the morning and everyday at night with an Ayurvedic face wash and massage to keep your face pollution free.

2) Do not use cosmetics that are too chemical and try to use only organic or ayurvedic products on your face.

3) To keep nail pimples away from your face, you start consuming mostly green vegetables and stay away from junk food and non-veg.

4) Whenever you get out in the sun, cover your face and protect your face from pollution. Drink the right amount of water. Drink at least 3 liters of water in a day.


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