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95% of people will be shocked to know these 7 things about Christianity

95% of people will be shocked to know these 7 things about Christianity
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Christianity is one of the major religions of the world, whose followers are called Christians. Advocates of Christianity follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are going to tell you 7 interesting facts about Christianity that you do not know: -

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1) Christianity was founded by God the Son 'Jesus Christ'.

2) You would not believe knowing that Jesus had spent 30 years of his life as a carpenter near Bethlehem.

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3) Did you know that Christmas is celebrated on 25 December to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

4) For information, tell us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem.

5) The various branches and proprietary units of Christianity are famous all over the world and spread in various fields.

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6) Christianity is a religion with different cultures, castes, doctrines, customs and practices. The uniformity is heroic and Christianity is excellent for its diversity.

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7) Do you know that the Roman Government Potius had crucified Jesus on the cross?

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above all Jesus Christ died for all to clean them off their sin...but he has overcome dead and rose on the third day and will come back to deliver us....

9 Months ago


if he is son of God then who is father of God. God is one who is not begotten or begets and Jesus is just a prophet and messanger of god

9 Months ago


Jesus Christ is Son of God but He is God of God. He is the only true God. Christianity is only true religion.....

9 Months ago

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