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9 Ways to Feel More Confident in Minutes

Everyone struggles with self-confidence - at least at some point in their life.Even the person who seems 100% self-confident can have moments of insecurity and doubt.

For others, it is extremely difficult to feel confident. A wave of insecurity, fear and anxiety fall over you, making you want to retreat into your own shell and disappear.

You may be an introvert and suffer from your shyness. Maybe you have bouts of anxiety. Or even haven't identified your strengths.

Trust sometimes takes practice!

If you need extra motivation before public speaking, want more body confidence, or simply want to be more confident in your love life - this article is for you!

Keep reading and see 9 ways to feel more confident in just a few minutes:

1. Turn off your inner voice

9 Ways to Feel More Confident in Minutes
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Do you have that voice inside your head making you doubt yourself?

“You'll forget what to say!” “You looked so stupid when you said that.” “You can't do that! You're not good enough. ” If you keep listening to these negative and pessimistic voices within your mind, you will never be able to overcome your low self esteem!

You have the ability to take control of your thoughts and retaliate! You know what is true about yourself. You can accomplish your goals and do things you never thought possible.

Talk to yourself - out loud.

“I am intelligent and capable. I have nothing to be ashamed of. ”

“I prepared for it. I can do!"

“This is my body - the one that God gave me. I can't hide behind insecurity. I'll make it! ”

You may not be able to turn off that inner voice forever, but you can speak louder than it.

Over time, your positivity will drown out negativity - replacing it with well-deserved trust .


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A warm and genuine smile can go a long way!

Not only does this make you look positive and happy to the people around you, but it can also help you change the way you feel inside. Research shows that a smile can improve your mood and relieve stress!

In the morning, smile to yourself in the mirror. Smile at people when you pass them in public. Smile before you do something that makes you nervous! The choice to be happy often begins with the display on your face. This will have a positive impact on how you feel internally and the people around you.

3. Walk confident and posture

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Improving your posture will have a huge effect on your self confidence! When you relax, you are minimizing your body, looking uncertain and insecure. Sitting with a rounded back, flapping, or leaning on a table all day doesn't help you feel good - mentally or physically! Body posture can affect your confidence.

Keep your back straight and your shoulders back. When you walk tall and confident, the people around you assume that you are prepared. In turn, you will feel more empowered and self-assured internally.

4. Do the “Super Man Pose”

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Being in a confident posture will make you feel and look totally different. If you're nervous before a speech or interview (or anything else that makes you nervous), take a few minutes to be alone.

Take a few minutes before to do the “Super Man pose!” Look in the mirror, put your hands on your hips, lift your chin slightly and look at the horizon for 2 minutes!

This simple step can increase the testosterone in your body (the power / dominance hormone) and lower cortisol levels (the stress / anxiety hormone) and make you feel more in control! Do it! You will be surprised how quickly this can affect you - positively!

5. Breathe deeply

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As your confidence levels decline, you are often overcome with anxiety and insecurity. At such times it may seem difficult to breathe - as if there is something heavy in your chest. Take a few moments away from the crowd if possible. If you can't, try not to focus on the things around you.

Sit (or lie down) in a comfortable place. Close your eyes. Relax your muscles - arms, legs, shoulders, etc. Focus your full attention on your inhalation and exhalation. Breathe through your nose and release through your mouth slowly. This will calm your heartbeat and dispel this feeling of fear and anxiety.

6. Think positively!

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If you are a negative person, wherever you look, you can see negative things about yourself. This is where negative things start to come into your mind: People are looking at you and judging you. That girl in the corner is making fun of you. That person you just met is much smarter than you.

Think positively! Make that decision in your life. If you fill your mind with positive and happy thoughts - there won't be enough room for all self-doubt! If you allow yourself to focus on the negative you have created in your mind, you will never feel the confidence within your reach.

7. Dress in the way that makes you feel good about yourself

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Confidence usually starts outside and enters! Not only does your choice of clothing and appearance have a huge impact on how you are perceived by others, but it also plays a big role in how you see yourself. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you like how your hair looks and how your clothes fit together?

Or do you feel sloppy and unattractive? No one should feel that way! If you feel confident and your appearance represents who you are, keep your head up. You deserve a confidence boost! If you need to, buy some new clothes.

8. Focus on speaking slowly!

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Sometimes when you don't feel confident, you end up getting nervous. Because of your nerves, you start talking quickly! It makes you look nervous with the person you are talking to and it makes you even more scared inside.


This will make you feel much more confident if you can think about what you are saying before you let it slip. Focus on your pace when you are speaking. Take your time forming your sentences. Pause when necessary - to think. You will sound more confident, your heart won't beat so fast, and it will make you feel much more prepared as you continue your conversation.


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Practice all the things listed above! Stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you are talking to someone important, entering a large stage or standing in a room full of important people. Pretend you are doing the things that make you most nervous.

Practicing all this will help you become more familiar with how you want to present yourself. When you are home and feeling these negative thoughts, speak out to yourself that you are the winner!

Tell the truth about who you really are. You can do what you want! You know you are prepared. You know you are a good person. You know you are a confident person.

You just have to believe in yourself. And then the breath. The next time you are in a situation where you may feel strange or unnatural, remember what you have practiced! Maintain posture, trust yourself and move on.

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