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7 Places in India Where Black Magic Still Exists

7 Places in India Where Black Magic Still Exists

Black magic is Banned in India. But still people do believe in such magic to solve their problems as soon as possible, but not only they believe in it but also use it in practical life. Here we are going to tell you about 7 such places of India, where even today black magic is done.

* Sultan Shahi, Hyderabad

This place is considered to be the hall of activities like black magic. Here there are some babas who have sex with women to overcome problems that arise after marriage. There are black magic women who ask for a solution to trouble with their own boy. Some lodge is also run in Sultanshashi, where people practice black magic. Despite all this, there is no law to stop black magic in Andhra Pradesh.

* Peringotukkara, Kerala

There is evidence of black magic in Kerala's small village Thrissur. This village has become quite popular. Motorists come here to see black magic. Here the rock and Kutchichhattan consider Vishnu as the incarnation of those who ride buffalo and overcome the problems of life. Here, the priests carry different types of puja by keeping the rock nearby.

* Mogulpura, Chatarinka and Shahilanda, Purana Hyderabad

These places of old Hyderabad are known for eligel activities such as superstition and black magic. Here the profession has been created. Black magic people play with the feelings of the victims. They claim that by worshiping a wooden doll, they will overcome all their problems.

* Varanasi Shamshan, Uttar Pradesh

Tantric sadhus who make black magic in Varanasi are called as Agghori. They do meditation on the Shamshan Ghat here. These Tantric say that these black magics are used to please God Shiva, Kali Mata so that they make them more powerful so that they make them more powerful so that they make them more powerful.

* Nimtala Ghat, Kolkata

Nimtala Ghat of Kolkata indicates black magic. At night, at the time of the fire, they practice black magic. Even here in the cremation ground, the awkwardly go to the late night and eat the remaining meat after burning chita and it is necessary to create the power.

* Mayong, Assam

Maung village of Assam is such that it is considered as the stronghold of black magic. The villages surrounding this village are also afraid of taking the name of this village. Even today, magic is done in every house. It is believed that black magic has started from this place all over the world. This small village of Assam is about 40 km from Mayong Guwahati. is far.

* Kushabhadra river, Orissa

Indicates the practice of practicing black magic on Orissa's Kushabhadra river. News of attack on many people is also coming here. No proof has been found so far. But when the police got the complaint when they got the search here, there are so many things that can be found here that black magic is practiced here. There were more than 20 male skeletons and bones here. Also the animals' skulls, flowers and pieces of cloth were also found here.

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