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6 Things That Are Prohibited in North Korea

The world is rapidly growing interest in North Korea. Its leaders and government constantly try to protect their people from external influences. Here the government has control over everything. Today we are going to talk about the things of North Korea which it is forbidden to do.

1. Western Fashion

6 Things That Are Prohibited in North Korea
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un banned jeans and other types of western clothing. No one can wear them.

2. Coca-Cola

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North Korea is putting restrictions on the business of Coca-Cola, although there are some places where these things sell.

3. Property

The North Korean government specifically owns land and property rights. This makes it almost impossible to buy and sell a house or apartment. However, the people of North Korea have found ways to do it, due to which the laws were relaxed this year.

4. Designer Shoes

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If you are in North Korea and you are thinking of buying a Manolo Blahnik pair, you cannot do it, you will be thrown out of there. Designer shoes are not available except in areas bordering China.

5. Cable TV

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There are only 4 official TV channels available in the country. The censorship by the government is so strong that it does not allow any other type of television channel.

6. Wi-Fi and international calls

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Out of a population of 15 million, approximately one million North Koreans own a cell phone. However, they cannot make international calls. There is also a restriction on the use of 3G networks. Foreigners entering the country can only buy a pre-paid SIM card to call abroad.

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