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6 Signs You Are More Mature Than Others

We generally perceive older people as being more mature - they somehow seem to have greater credibility. However, psychological maturity has nothing to do with age (or the wrinkles around your eyes). It has more to do with the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. It helps you become a better person overall - more tolerant, compassionate, understanding and empathetic to others. Here are 5 signs you are more mature than others around you. 

6 Signs You Are More Mature Than Others

1) You Take Time More Seriously

One of the most obvious signs of maturity is having the ability to manage time effectively. You understand that time is valuable and you don't like to waste any of it. You find it equally important to respect other people's time - this includes personal and professional settings.

2) You Embrace Responsibilities

Responsibility comes with experience, not age and only mature people possess this trait. It is one of those key traits that is essential for becoming a healthy, happy and productive person. Without it, you cannot advance in life. When you're mature, you embrace responsibilities, instead of running away from them. You no longer find yourself procrastinating - you know that you will feel much better if you handle your responsibilities first, and then relax with a clear mind. 

3) You Take Your Work Seriously

People have different priorities. Depending on the type of work you are doing, you may look at it as something that's permanent, or you may look at it as temporary work. In either case, you tend to take the job more seriously - regardless if it's something you spend your entire life working for, or if it's just something to help you pay your way through school. You always make the effort to do your best. You realise and understand the importance of each job on your resume, and how it can help you in the future.

4) You Respect Differences


You have developed a mature acceptance of people and things that are different from what you like. Perhaps you're more open to trying new foods, or accepting the lifestyles of those you didn't understand before. Because you have developed open-mindedness, you accept that someone is different from you - rather than try to convince them to be like you.

5) You Have Mastered The Art Of Listening


You no longer feel that your ego has to shine in every conversation. You are able to listen to someone, and not feel like you need to cut in before they are done speaking. You understand the value of listening and know that by doing so, you will learn a lot more than by talking.

6) You Think Before Responding


You pay close attention to the words of others, and you are able to contain your emotions. You try to fully understand the other person's point of view, and then you respond with reason. As a mature person, you filter your thoughts before speaking, especially in social gatherings. And even when others are out of line, you don't sink to their level. You stay calm as you discuss issues, and you never let your temper take over. You would rather win the relationship than with the argument. Instead of trying to get revenge on those who have hurt you, you always try to understand them.

How do you think? How different are you today than you were 5 years ago? Do you feel you've matured? Share your thoughts and experiences in comments section below and don't forget to click on that yellow follow icon. 

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