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5 people of the world, who lost everything even after winning

1. Hitler

5 people of the world, who lost everything even after winning
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Hitler has been given a great dictatorial status in the history, and Hitler ruled Germany with his dictatorship, but his atrocities have spotted his name, who has not been able to change his name till date. Due to Hitler & # 39; s harsh nature, his name in history is counted among the most cruel people.

2. Lewis XVI

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Louis XVI was considered to be the great king of France, who never done any bad work during his reign, but when suddenly he thought about his nature, he thought that it was a little straightforward. The public did not respect her. After this, he began to torture the public, then in the meanwhile, he passed away many mischief by the people and then separated the head of Lewis from his torso for one day and the story ended the same.

3. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

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Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the President of the Muslim League, who was also known as the voice of Islam. Mohammed Ali Jinnah had a great disease of smoking cigarettes and talking to others, which he could not even change, and due to these accidents he was tarnished on the pages of history.

4. Alexander the Great

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Alexander wanted to rule the whole world, for which he also ruled Europe and when he was coming towards India to capture Asia, he could not reach the high peaks of the Himalayas, then he had to return and defeat, He died after a long illness and occupy Hindustan country was very expensive for Alexander.

5. Jar and Jarvan

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It is proved by the ruin of the King Jar Nicholas of Russia that when the Maharaja of Russia, the world's greatest nation, began to harass his people, the people also destroyed his entire family.

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