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5 countries of the world which are very weak, number 1 country has only 60 soldiers

Today we are going to tell you about the 5 countries which are much weaker than other countries and there is no army in them, so let's start.

5- Monaco

5 countries of the world which are very weak, number 1 country has only 60 soldiers
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Many people would have known about this country, this country has fallen from France on three sides and the Mediterranean on one side, this country is known all over the world due to its casino and Formula One race, this country is considered to be much weaker. It has only 255 soldiers present and they also have to work for internal security and security of the whole country. 

4- Tonga

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The total population of this country is around 1 lakh and 2 lakh, although the army here is a little stronger than some countries and their army has more than 500 soldiers although 500 soldiers are divided in Navy, Air Force and Land Army. 


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Iceland is a beautiful country, what to say about its natural beauty, the people of this country are considered very rich and their lifestyle is very amazing, otherwise the people of this country are very happy all the time. There is no military force, only 130 people of this country are in the Coast Guard, who keep patrolling all the time on its seashores.

2- Andorra

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Perhaps there will be some people who will not have any special knowledge about this country, friends, let me tell you that it is a country in Europe which falls between Spain and France, in fact it is in those countries of the world. Comes which is a very small country, how small is this country, although the population here is around 103000, the country of Europe has no army and only soldiers are present in this country. Performs here on national festivals.

1- Vanuatu

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This country is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Australia, it is also a beautiful island nation whose official name is Republic of Vanuatu Friends. The population of this country is only around two lakh and 50 thousand. This country does not have any military force and In this country, there are 50 to 60 soldiers in total, who have been given full responsibility of security here. 

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your can't and shouldn't say They are weak. they are peace ful nations. unlike India

1 Months ago

Kattu Battu

no problem. this type of country they don't any terrorist warning

1 Months ago


they are not weak..there are less crime . more crime more force....

1 Months ago

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