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5 Amazing Ways To Show Gratitude

5 Amazing Ways To Show Gratitude

Although our friends and family might know we love them, I think many of us often get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to express how grateful we are for them.

Showing gratitude for others seems to be something that happens less and less in today’s world filled with too many screens and not enough face-to-face time.

Between running kids to and from appointment and activities, juggling work and duties around your home, and trying to keep up with your daily responsibilities, it can be easy to forget to make the time to show sincere gratitude for others. I think it’s so important for our relationships and our happiness to make a point to try to brighten someone else’s day and let them know how much they mean to us. After all, our time with them may be much shorter than we realize.

In the spirit of showing others how much we care for them, today I’m sharing 5 powerful ways to show gratitude for others that I think you will find easy to fit into your busy schedule.

* Handwritten Note or Letter

Snail mail seems to be a lost art form these days, yet everyone I know loves receiving mail that isn’t just bills. Tell that person what you love or admire about them in a written form and you’ll be sure to make their day.

* Hugs

You don’t have to be one of those people standing on the corner holding a “free hugs” sign, but do offer up more hugs and affection to those you love. Hugs have been proven to decrease stress levels in both people partaking what a great way to reduce some stress for someone having a rough day.

* Do a favor for someone

Whether it’s dropping soup off to your sick friend, bringing coffee or treats to a neighbor just to brighten their day, or running an errand for someone. Simple favors like these can go a lotngway in showing others that you care about them, and doing these small favors will likely put you in a great mood as well. It always feels good to give to others!

* Provide encouragement

Maybe this person is wavering in their abilities and questioning whether or not they are capable of completing something they could like to do. Be an encouragement to them and a cheerleader to help them in reaching their goals. Sometimes all it takes is someone else believing in us to help us make our dreams happen.

* Share your skills

If you are a master photographer, perhaps offer up your skills to a friend to take their family’s Christmas portrait this year. Or maybe you are excellent at writing resumes and you have a friend who is struggling to find work offer up your talents, and I’m sure they will very much appreciate it!

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