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3 Simple things that 80% of women wear wrong

1. Button - Beauty:

3 Simple things that 80% of women wear wrong
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Not everyone knows what buttons on the jacket should be buttoned. But since many people want to observe etiquette in clothes, I must remind you that it is not recommended to fasten the lower button at all.

As for the shirt, it is permissible to keep one or two upper buttons of the shirt open. But no more, otherwise it looks vulgar.

2. Jeans in hot weather:

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In the hot season, it is especially important to monitor your wardrobe. Do not wear too tight clothing. Especially jeans. And even more so you can not wear black skinny. Your blood vessels will already be squeezed, and you also choose a color that “absorbs” heat. Believe me, your body will be stressed more.

3. Unsuitable shoes:

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I don’t know why most people are so frivolous about buying shoes. After all, most often you are on your feet all day. And one thing if you buy shoes/boots to wear only for couple of hours a day. It is worth making a purchase, only when your old shoes are getting hard to wear and its deforming your foot.

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