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3 Missed Calls From Mahesh Anand On This Filmmaker's Mobile! Did He Want To Share Something Important?

3 Missed Calls From Mahesh Anand On This Filmmaker's Mobile! Did He Want To Share Something Important?

It was nearing the end of the cold January and this filmmaker was a bit busy at work, when his mobile flashed Mahesh Anand's name thrice in quick time. The calls went unattended and we are talking about Pahlaj Nihalani, who later called him back. But they were star-crossed. This time, Mahesh did not pick up.

Pahlaj tells us, "I wish I had attended those calls. I neither heard my phone ringing nor saw Mahesh's number flash on my mobile. There were 2 - 3 missed calls from him when I saw later, so I called him but my bad luck, this time he did not attend to my rings." Adds Pahlaj, "I wish we had spoken." Asked if he thinks that Mahesh wanted to tell him something about his state of mind, Pahlaj says, "I really can't guess that."

Pahlaj Nihlani, Mahesh Anand

Pahlaj adds that Mahesh had himself called him up to give him a role in his latest directorial, Rangeela Raja- he had virtually no work since 18 years. "I wouldn't say I created a role for Mahesh in Rangeela Raja but yes, I fitted him in a certain role. We had worked together in many films in the past and I love to work with people I have a good rapport with."

Mahesh shot for 7 days on Rangeela Raja. "But he never told me anything about his frustrations. However, I certainly understand what he must be going through since he hardly had any work since 2000. Bollywood is a ruthless industry, which tends to forget senior actors. This has happened with many others rather abruptly one day in their respective careers and then it becomes very tough for them."

Mahesh Anand passed away on Saturday, he was found dead in his Yari Road home with a half-filled rum bottle and an empty glass by his side (CLICK ABOVE TO READ FULL STORY). The details of the autopsy and visceral analysis is awaited. It is believed Mahesh was quite a shattered man as he faced a severe financial crunch since quite some tine and failed in all his attempts to reach out (CLICK BELOW TO READ FULL STORY) and meet his son Trishul (name changed to Anthony Vohra) who is supposedly about 29-years-old and now lives with his mother Erika and step-father in Dubai.

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RIP...U were good looking hulk. God bless u, Sir

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my friend mahesh wish u all the best

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