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1 DAY TO GO! Devi Awards in Bhubaneshwar

1 DAY TO GO! Devi Awards in Bhubaneshwar
Pratibha Ray

Meet the Devis!

Our twelfth award winner to be featured in the Devi Awards Bhubaneshwar countdown series is Pratibha Ray.

One of the earliest writers to reimagine Draupadi in Yagyaseni, the legendary Pratibha Ray writes novels and short stories in her mother tongue Odia. Her first novel Barsha Basanta Baishakha (1974) proved itself as a best seller for its readability among rural female half-literate readers. Continuing to write for social order, based on equality without class, caste, religion or sex discriminations, Pratibha Ray calls herself a ‘humanist'.

Pratibha Ray is our Devi for her iconic work in literature.

The Devi Awards will be held in Bhubaneshwar on February 23, 2020, at Hotel Mayfair.

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