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One year to save the planet: a simple guide to fighting the climate crisis in 2020

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Squeezed by the throat & slapped: JNU student

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Anti-CAA protest: Sent back from IIT, German student told not to return on current visa

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Nirmala Sitharaman Acuses Sonia Gandhi Of Shedding Crocodile Tears For Student Protesters


Honda is set to launch its self-driving car in Japan next year that will take over the wheel allowing drivers to watch a movie or take phone calls – but it comes with a $91,000 price tag

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HC’s dismissal of 2012 petition paves way for Lucknow University student union polls

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JNU protests will fade. The average student will pay with her future


Midwifery student banned from work placement over pro-life views demands apology from university

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The year in climate change: Leaders keep ignoring the science, and this is not fine


2019 is the Year that Changed Kashmir to the Detriment of India

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JNU: Police Name 9 Suspects, Skip Affiliation of 2 ABVP Students

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Thousands of students left in lurch as universities fail to complete accommodation

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