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Lack of proper vaccination drive behind 'monkey fever' outbreak in Karnataka

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Funny Monkey | Cute Monkey Playing in Box

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Monkey Fighting - Monkey Life At Angkor Complex

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Capuchin Monkey versus Ice! Very Smart Monkey!

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Crazy monkey fight /monkey slaps a dog

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Capuchin Monkey Talks and Eats Monkey Biscuit


Meghalaya man held for killing, eating protected monkey species

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The baby monkey is scared. Baby Monkey


Funny Monkey vs Dogs | Funny Monkey Videos

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Woman sentenced fo sexual harassment of a monkey, VIDEO

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Monkey Business: Woman Reportedly Imprisoned for Sexually Harassing Primate


Monkey fever in Karnakata: Symptoms of Kyasanur forest disease, causes and prevention

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Men arrested after Facebook livestream of endangered monkey killing

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Karnataka: Monkey ‘mourns’ man’s death, ‘consoles’ his son

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6 die due to Kyasanur Forest Disease or monkey disease in Karnataka

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Egypt jails woman for 3 years for 'harassing' monkey


Monkey fever SPREADS: Six people die and 15 infected by deadly viral infection


Mum Fight Her Baby Monkey ST1012 Mono Monkey

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[Bali] Monkey Forest Sanctuary - The Monkey Fight Club

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Monkey and Man Fight Monkey Charmer Funny Video

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