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Poland: More aligned to US than to European partners?

Deutsche Welle

France proposes central banker Goulard as European Commission candidate


Key European Union ministers ignore budget rule revamp for Italy

Times Now

No-deal Brexit would be a 'nightmare' warn European ministers

The Independent

European Parliament Backs India Abrogating Article 370 In Kashmir


France proposes central banker Goulard as European Commission candidate: source


Jean-Claude Juncker with European Commission President Von der Leyen

Daily Mail

Britain's move to join U.S. Gulf mission frustrates European plans


European parliamentarians back India on Kashmir, slam Pakistan for harbouring terrorists

Outlook india

New EU chief doubles down on ''European way of life'' tag

Outlook india

European Parliament to debate ‘Kashmir issue’ tomorrow, first time in 11 years


European Parliament's Brexit Chief Says Another Extension 'Unacceptable', Slams 'Helpless Status Quo'


Brexit deal is possible, says Centre for European Reform's Grant


Home Office making hostile environment for EU citizens worse, European Parliament warns

The Independent

Iran hits out at European powers as it rolls back nuclear commitments


EU's furious backlash at Bettel for damaging 'European cause' after hijacking Brexit talks


EU creates directorate for European defense industry


‘Protecting the European way of life’ from migrants is a gift to the far right

The Guardian

'It's all your fault – and you will pay!' European Parliament boss lashes out over no deal


The EU plan to protect ‘the European way of life’ is nationalism by any other name | Daniel Trilling

The Guardian