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Former Ohio State wrestler says Rep. Jordan asked him to deny abuse allegations


As a victim of Harvey Weinstein, here's how I'm voting to help end abuse against women

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TV tonight: the harrowing act of confronting a family's sexual abuse

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Michael Cashman: ‘I thought, have I got an invisible sign that says: "Abuse me, I won’t tell?"'

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Derek Mackay backed campaign to protect children from online abuse before sending texts to 16-year-old boy

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Ben Stokes awaits punishment for four-letter abuse aimed at South Africa fan who compared him to Ed Sheeran

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She Suffered Sexual Abuse at 6. Today, She Has Trained Over 30K Kids to Stay Safe


Women subjected to domestic abuse twice at risk of contracting long-term illnesses which are 'difficult to live with'

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Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela opens up about ‘abuse’ by ‘monsters’ as she announces career as adult entertainer

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Boris Johnson sacked him, but Julian Smith is a hero to us, the victims of abuse in church care

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Tottenham launch investigation into alleged racial abuse aimed at Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger as manager Frank Lampard insists offenders must be hist with 'strong' punishment

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5 Reasons Why Couples Avoid Emotional Intimacy


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Congress Admits 'MP Got Emotional And Stormed The Well'; Contradicts Rahul Gandhi's Claims


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Here’s why children of domestic abuse victims are likely to have lower IQ

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Demi Lovato in emotional Super Bowl performance as heartbreaking old tweet resurfaces


All In Regards To The Emotional Corrosion of Casual Intercourse For Your Needs

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