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US sending more troops to Gulf, Donald Trump announces Iran sanctions

Hindustan Times

Donald Trump Says US Doesn’t Need Middle East Oil or Gas


Donald Trump calls new border wall a 'world-class security system'

Indian Express

Donald Trump names hostage envoy Robert O'Brien national security adviser

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Donald Trump and California go to war over clean cars

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Will meet India, Pak PMs soon, says Donald Trump


Donald Trump Appoints Robert C O'Brien as New US NSA, Days After 'Sacking' John Bolton


US Congress, intel leaders clash over whistleblower report on Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump says 'many options' on Iran response

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Donald Trump Impeachment May Hinge On Report By Hillary Clinton, Possible Political Karma As Memo Resurfaces


Donald Trump Is Obsessed With Elton John, Weirdly Fixated On Breaking Rock Star’s Arena Attendance Records


Will meet Narendra Modi and Imran Khan soon: Donald Trump

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Jimmy Kimmel: 'Impeachment is a good way to distract Donald Trump'

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Donald Trump Vows To Win Most-Hispanic State In 2020 At A Rally


Donald Trump says things that aren't true — but it might not be his fault

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Trade deal with China either before or after US presidential election: Donald Trump

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Boris Johnson cautions Donald Trump against war with Iran as the US President says the 'ultimate option' remains on the table after Saudi Arabia claims Tehran sponsored attack on oil facilities

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Donald Trump Is The Most Purely Evil Person I’ve Ever Met, Says His Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz


BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump says he has asked for new sanctions against Iran after strike on Saudi oil facilities despite hawks calling for military action

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Donald Trump hits back at close ally Lindsey Graham after the Senator said Iran saw his 'measured response' to the shooting down of a US drone as 'a sign of weakness'

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