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You will not be able to stop laughing by reading this chat of couples in love

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As you all know that this is the time where where social media matters a lot to people. Now it's easier to be in touch for people in relationship. So guys in this post you are going to see hilarious conversations which are the results of modern world and liberal people. So guys let's laugh-

You will not be able to stop laughing by reading this chat of couples in love
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This is a medium where people can share each and everything. It was never easy before. Now everyone is stable. But this is not going to work for long time this is comfortable for people in love.

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No one is clear in terms of money. The trend is of generating passive income. Like you can see in this picture nowadays relationship are made only for completing their own needs. Either physical or economical.

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People in love have no answer if you ask him about his carrier or studies. Such people have no work instead of using their phones and searching for a safe place for thier girlfriend satisfaction.

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Complete the needs of your lover, if you are unable to it then always single because relationship is named as the part work for passive income. Not for boys this work is only for girls because they are the only shopkeeper and boys are customers.

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ek duM bakwas [NosePick][NosePick][NosePick]

6 Months ago


very funny[JoyfulTears][JoyfulTears][JoyfulTears][JoyfulTears]

6 Months ago

@Utkarsh Pandey

Nice[sly]That taunts best for the people who got in relationship with someone not suited for them!!!awsm said....it's moral for people as well..[clap]

5 Months ago

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