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You might not know the mothers of these TV actresses, see list

Hello firends, today we will introduce you to 5 mothers of the famous television actress. You may not know about them. Se let's see.

You might not know the mothers of these TV actresses, see list
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1. Jennifer Winget- Jennifer Winget is a very successful actress in the TV industry and she has impressed people a lot with her acting but her personal life is completely different from her professional life. Today Jennifer Winget is leading a divorced life but has never felt lonely as she lives with her mother all the time.

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2. Kanchi Singh- Kanchi Singh loves her mother more than her life in her life and it is said that Kanchi Singh also goes with her mother on the set of the show. From this you can guess how much Kanchi Singh loves her mother.

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3. Divyanka Tripathi- Divyanka Tripathi is also included in this list. You would be surprised to know that even after marriage, Divyanka Tripathi stays with her mother because she also feels bad for a moment apart from her mother and she herself told this during an interview. By the way, you must know about Divyanka Tripathi well and well.

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4. Jannat Zubair Rahmani- Jannat has worked in many serials of the TV industry, but she has gained a lot of popularity through social media, so you will be well aware of them. However, Jannat cannot live without her mother.

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