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You may don't know these things about the highest grossing film of 1970.

Hello and welcome to the Entertainment Diary. We are back with another article for you all. This time we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the superhit movie Johny Mera Naam. So here we go...

You may don't know these things about the highest grossing film of 1970.
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" Pal Bhar Ke Liye" was used in American TV show, The Simpsons.

"If Rum Doh Kill Meh" by Impression was a cover version of "Pal Bhar Ke Liye".

The highest grossing film of 1970

A scene of the film is shown in the 2007 thriller Johnny Gaddaar, prompting a character to give Johnny as a fake name and hence the film title.

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This was the first of the nine movies including where Dev Anand and Hema Malini worked together followed by Tere Mere Sapne, Shareef Badmash, Joshila, Chhupa Rustam till Censor in 2001.

Vijay Anand won the award for the best script and editing. The climax sequence of this film was something new at that time and was later copied in many films.

At that time Vijay Anand was the highest paid director of Indian Movies.

This was an ok-ok movie. What made it great was Padma Khanna, in her first Hindi movie. She seduces the villain Premnath. There was no such striptease ever. And none since. And just when you thought she was going to go all the way, she stops. And stands there in a bright red bra and panty. And to think you are seeing all this on the big screen.

Premnath's villainous act in the film was appreciated so much that he became one of the A list villains of 70s.

Vijay Anand originally wanted Premnath for the role of Pran.

Padma Khanna striptease scene was a much ahead of its time for a Hindi film.

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Dev Anand and Pran play lost brothers and as a kid have liking for boxing.During adulthood they realize they are lost brothers during a fight scene while giving boxing punches.The same scene was used in the film Kala Dhanda Gore Log 1985 where lost brothers Sanjay Khan and Akbar Khan realize they are brothers during a fight scene giving boxing punches to each other.

When remakes trend started in Hindi cinema many had shown interest in remaking the film.But there was a objection from some fans asking Dev Anand never to allow its remake as its a classic and remake will spoil it.

It marked Hema malini's first association with Dev anand. Incidentally, Hema malini's favorite co-stars were Dev anand, Shashi Kapoor and Dharmendra.

Johny Mera Naam was Gulshan Rai"s first movie as the producers and the first production of his banner Trimurti Films

It was said Vijay Anand wasn't paid his fees for this movie.

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Vijay Anand had asked K.A.Narayan that which credit does he want to be mentioned as they wrote the film toghther. K.A.Narayan said that he wants the credit as the story writer of the film as that is important than screenplay and dialogues. Goldie did what he was told.. But the screenplay won the Award.

When Goldie was planning the song Babu Pyare....As it was serious song he decided to seat with Anandji to work out the song. For Pal Bhar Ke Liye Pyar Karle......Goldie sat with Kalyanji to work out the song.

Pran and Dev Anand played brothers in Johny Mera Naam & Des Pardes

Gulshan Rai followed Joshila after Johny Mera Naam and he knew that again it will worked.

For Jewel Thief & Johny Mera Naam, Gulshan Rai slept during the trials. It was said if he sleeps during trials it means the movie woul be successful. If he doesn't sleep it means the film will flop. Gulshan Rai didn't sleep during Joshla.

The Anand Brothers wanted to help Gulshan Raj to become producers. Gulshan Rai was the distributor of their films in the past.

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Though the film was not produced by Navketan, but the people associated with Navketan were associated with Johny Mera Naam. The Artists, The Director, Writers, Editor, Cinematographer and other crew members were all people from Navketan. Johny Mera Naam was treated as if it was Navketan"s Production

The Tittle music of Johny Mera Naam till now nearly 50 years now, still popular.

Vijay Anand stated in Jewel Theif he built the suspense. In Johnny Mera Naam he laid all the cards out in the first 4 reels and told the audience what to expect. Vijay Anand did not like Hema Malini when he first saw her. She was too sugary and did not look good in modern outfits. She had a typical south Indian look. She was not a good actress and had to work hard on her. Vijay took it up as a challenge.. The film proved to he a tragedy because the audience expected the same thing from Vijay Anand over and over again.

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fantastic movie still I like❤

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