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Xiaomi launches the QingPing Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer Mijia version

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Xiaomi has launched a new product dubbed QingPing Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer Mijia version. The product may look like one product you’ve seen in the past, that is because it is an upgraded version of the digital thermometer hygrometer which Xiaomi launched in 2018 with an ultra-cheap price tag of 59 Yuan (~$9). This new model comes with a price tag of 99 yuan ($14) which is still cheap.

Xiaomi launches the QingPing Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer Mijia version

The design of this new model is slightly different. Instead of a square shape, the new QingPing Bluetooth thermometer Hygrometer features a round shape. However, the major difference is that this version comes with Bluetooth and supports MIJIA app connectivity. The data captured on the device can be viewed on the Mijia app. In addition, the device can be paired with other MIJIA smart home gadgets. The device has built-in storage which can save data every 15 minutes and store up to 30 days data.

The device features an ultra-low power e-ink display which ensures it conserves battery power. It is manufactured using environmentally friendly PC / ABS + PMMA material which does not contain harmful substances. The round electronic ink display shows the temperature and humidity of the environment where it is mounted, as well as the battery and Bluetooth icons.

The Xiaomi QingPing Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer feature built-in Swiss high-precision digital sensors with a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.3 ℃, humidity measurement accuracy of 3% RH. There is also the option of viewing the temperature reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. There is also a CR2430 button battery inside which can last between 8-12 months when used under normal room temperature. There three ways to mount the Digital Thermometer hygrometer; there is a vertical base or the use of wall stickers. It can also be mounted using soft magnets. The device is suitable for the baby room, bedroom, desk, flower room, kitchen, bathroom and other locations within the apartment.

The product is already available to buy in China on Xiaomi Youpin. You can find the product page from the source link below.



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