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Xiaomi crowdfunds the 70mai Smart Electric Scooter starting at 2999 yuan ($423)

Electric vehicles are the future and Chinese tech giant Xiaomi obviously has realised that. The brand’s partner Ninebot launched two new models months back. A second Xiaomi ecological chain company 70mai has launched its own e-scooter. The 70mai A1 and A1 Pro Smart Electric Scooters were announced at an unveiling event earlier today. The e-bikes were manufactured by 70mai which is known for its wide range of car accessories such as dashboard camera, smart rearview mirrors, and several others.

Xiaomi crowdfunds the 70mai Smart Electric Scooter starting at 2999 yuan ($423)

The 70mai e-scooters appear as the only electric bikes that are equipped with XiaoAI smart voice assistant. It equally comes with an impressive 70km range and affordable price starting at 2999 yuan ($423).

The 70mai A1 and A1 Pro Smart Electric scooters both have a similar design but the battery size and features onboard differentiate the two models. The design is said to have won the German iF Design Award 2020. It is extremely lightweight, weighing just 55kg and with a top speed of less than 25km/h which is in line with the new Chinese standard for e-bikes.

The 70mai e-bike features a unique design which isn’t too flashy, except for the attractive yellow and red colour versions. It uses a somewhat square-shaped LED headlight said to have a long illumination range. Just below the headlight is the company’s logo. Since the rear fender is low, the tail light is located just behind the seat increasing the visibility of the bike to rear traffic. The direction lights and hazard lights are integrated with the tail light.

The 70mai smart electric bike uses a one-piece seat cushion, which is very soft and comfortable. At the same time, the surface of the cushion is treated with waterproof and antifouling, so you don’t need to worry about it even if you park it outdoors in daily use.

The bike uses a pair of 14-inch vacuum tires, 4PR structure with the ground clearance of the chassis standing at 160mm. It presents with a disc brake system on the front while the rear is designed with a drum brake. The bike equally features motorcycle-level shock absorption system. The chassis itself is cast using cold-rolled steel pipe and Q195 carbon steel, which are integrated through die-casting to ensure safe and comfortable riding.

The most interesting part of the 70mai e-scooter is the 6.86-inch smart central control screen which features support for XiaoAI smart voice control. The display supports touch and voice commands. Apart from viewing traditional parameters such as cruising speed, battery power in real-time, the screen also has a built-in music and radio app to listen to music. There is also a built-in customized version of the MIJIA app that can control smart appliances at home. In addition, after it is connected to a mobile phone, the display also supports call reminders as well as navigation. With XiaoAI, voice commands can be used to operate the display while riding. At the front of the bike, is a high-definition camera that supports 1080P shooting and a 130 ° wide-angle. In other words, this smart electric vehicle also has a built-in driving recorder function. It has a built-in memory card, which can record 90 minutes of 1080P video. The camera also supports parking monitoring, which can also play a role in preventing theft to a certain extent.

In terms of anti-theft, the 70mai smart electric vehicle also has a convenient “Find my bike” function, which allows the bike to issue alerts and double flashes, and also for the camera to send images of the surrounding environment of the bike to the connected smartphone through the MIJIA app.

The 70 Mai smart electric vehicle is equipped with a brushless DC motor, which not only starts quickly but also is very smooth. In order to comply with the new national standard, the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 25km/h. In terms of battery life, 70 Mai smart electric vehicles use lithium batteries with support for fast charging. The battery can be fully charged in 7.5 hours. One of the differences between the A1 and A1 Pro is the range. While the Pro version has a range of 70km, and the A1’s range is 60km.

As for the pricing, the 70mai A1 smart electric car is on offer for 2999 yuan but after the crowdfunding exercise, the price will go up to 3699 yuan ($522). On the other hand, the A1 Pro goes for 3999 yuan ($565) on crowdfunding and 4699 yuan ($663) after the exercise. The crowdfunding is live on Xiaomi Youpin.

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