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World's 7 Best Historical Movies, no. 3 is the best

7. 300:

World's 7 Best Historical Movies, no. 3 is the best
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2006, where the world's most powerful historical film came out. Directed by Jack Snyder, the film gained immense popularity. The celebs of this film are Butler and David. The film tells the story of a warrior who attacks enemies alone.

6. Fury:

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This story revolves around a tank troop of the army during World War II. It has shown very truthfully and closely the thoughts revolving in the minds of the soldiers during the war. When a soldier is in the battlefield, the feelings of fear, courage, affection, love, harmony, hatred, malice which he is facing are shown very well in this film.

5. Ben-Hur:

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This film was released in the year 1959 which was directed by William Boiler 1 year has passed since the film. But even today it looks fun. This film depicts the stories of the life of Jesus, a historical film that will be seen for many decades.

4. A Beautiful Mind:

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This film by Russell Crowe is another supreme example of influential films. The story is that of a mathematician whose skills are nurtured by his wife. This is a story that, apart from being very special, is heart touching and resonant in every household. You must watch this movie once.

3. Troy:

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In 2004, the film was directed by World Gang Peterson. The film stars celebs like Brad Pitt. It is one of Brad Pitt's best films in which he stars Jodha. And until the last, the enemies' sixes deliver.

2. Baahubali:

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Baahubali was followed by Baahubali 2. Which proved to be the highest grossing film of the Indian film industry. Its lead actor is Prabhas, the film was directed by SS Rajamouli. Like historical films, they too had cinematography and are the best film in the Indian film industry.

1. Mughal-e-Azam:

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The film Mughal-e-Azam came out in the year 1960. It was a historical romantic film starring Madhubala and Dilip Kumar. Bollywood's first major blockbuster movie, which is still seen today.

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Man really !! Bahubali Are you Gone out of your mind Grow up man Troy is Obviously All time Best Historical Movie Can't even think of any other . Akhilens the Great

8 Months ago


troy s my most favorite historical movie of all time 👍

8 Months ago


Since when did Bahubali become history? And if it is, then where are movies like Gladiator, The last samurai, Les miserables, Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Appollo 13, 12 years a slave, and plenty more

8 Months ago

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