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World Mental Health: Be happy, urge TV actors

World Mental Health: Be happy, urge TV actors

Vijayendra Kumeria: Mental health is equally important as physical health is. If I talk about me, then as an actor I have a very hectic schedule and there are many ups and downs that I have witnessed in my career. It would have not been easy without a good and peaceful mind... and I believe to maintain a healthy mind, one should always think positive, spend a good time with family and friends...read and listening to music. My biggest stress buster is my daughter, spending time with her relaxes my mind even after a rough day.

Sanjay Gagnani: Mental health is the most important aspect of one’s life and body. As they say, it’s all in the mind! A human mind has an unprecedented capability of accomplishing and discovering. We all take mental health way too lightly. But the fact is good mental health can create wonders. For me, Success is not all about name and fame, but happiness. Happiness is a success. Whenever I feel happy, I feel successful. So, it’s important to keep ourselves happy by surrounding ourselves with people who matter to us, whose vibe makes us feel happy. By doing things that make us feel happy. There are times when each one of us goes through lows, unhappy times, emotional turmoils. These are the times when we need to take care of our mental health the most. We all should analyze ourselves. As they say, to love others, keep others happy, you need to love yourself first, you need to keep yourself happy!

Avinash Mishra: There was a time when I had no work, I was sitting at home for 3months, that was a very tough time for me. I faced too many emotional issues after a point I realized I have to get control over it. So, I diverted my mind to different things like I started watching comedy series because when we laugh, we forget our stress then I started giving more time to playing the guitar as music heals stress.

Zuber K Khan: Mental health is just like our body health. Even our mind needs to get therapy as our body does. Firstly, in my case, there are many things which boost me up. There are many phases of my life that have put me through tough times but yes I always got up because of my inner strength and my immense trust in God. In these past years, I have learned that in life one should keep going, there will be ups and downs but you have to keep going. My films work or don't work sometimes but I never quit. I keep working that's all matters for me. I never give up. I have strong trust in God.

Ankit Bathla: I was emotionally broken after my breakup and I think maximum youth face. I’ll share what worked for me. I am an ardent follower of Buddhism, so I would read endless books that my mentor has written giving new insight with every paragraph. I would meet people and especially those who care for you or probably the most random people who will give you a fresh perspective about life. Also, my solo travels have helped me groom as a person and made me close to being emotionally stable.

Shridhar Watsar: Nowadays, like physical health, mental health is equally important. When I was in school, I was a reserved guy. I didn't even talk to girls but when I started doing theatre in college, I become confident and enthusiastically opened up myself. Whether you are an actor or you are from any profession, your morals, self-esteem should be always high you should always feel proud of yourself and your profession that will keep you mentally fit.

Amal Sehrawat: After doing RGV films and shows like Ye Rishta, there came a lull in my career. Though I was doing a lot of modeling, fashion shows and events, I desperately wanted to act. I was trying left, right and center but nothing was working out. Depression is a big word, so I won’t use that but I was extremely disturbed. I was angry frustrated and negative all the time. But then something happened that changed my life in a moment. My son got a school project on the subject of gratitude. He had to draw five things he was thankful for. As I was helping him complete the project. I just felt like writing too. In an hour 20 pages of the notebook were full of things I was thankful about. And at that moment I realized my biggest mistake of being so ungrateful. The more I wrote the more I found things to feel blessed and grateful. This exercise turned out to be the perfect therapy I needed in that phase of my life. And now when everything is perfect, I continue to maintain a gratitude journal.  

Aastha Chaudhary: I feel everybody goes through a phase in life where there grow through a low phase, the reason may be professional or personal. Over the years, I have learned that nothing is more important than your mental and physical health. Meditation helped me a lot and I am very religious. I listen to bhajans and kirtans and also read holy books. It makes me feel good and peaceful. If I am facing any problem, I don't discuss it with anybody because I feel the problem is mine and discussing it with is not going to solve it. I have to deal with my problems and situations. I have become strong enough to deal with my problems, I read something motivational. I go traveling, I go to dinner alone and watch films alone. I have started enjoying my own company now and that's how I deal with my problems. Also, never let success go to your head. Enjoy this phase, nothing in life is permanent, everything is temporary.

Pranitaa Pandit: There was a time when I was going through a rough time in my personal life, which made me blame others for my decisions, feel negative, angry and unwanted. It was very difficult for me to let go but I realized I am not alone, every human being goes through phases and ups and downs in life, sharing was difficult but I did share. I am feeling with a few people which helped me. Forgiving myself was the most difficult but most important because I kept asking myself why I trusted and loved blindly? A lot of times in life, everything is in front of us but we somewhere ignore it and don’t accept it. It’s extremely important to reach out to reach within so I always try and go out of my way to help others and not expect anything in return because I learn from them.

Jasmin Bhasin: I agree everybody, including actors, faces emotional issues at some point or the other. Everybody knows about being physically healthy but not many know that mental and emotional happiness is as important. Not being happy, having issues taking decisions, meeting people handling a situation I feel when you are facing such things, I would suggest you should believe in yourself, do what makes you feel happy and right. We are all blessed with close friends and family when you are not able to make a decision, you are doubtful, discuss it with your closed ones. You will always find a solution and also get a perspective of somebody else which helps you decide what is wrong and right and third would be not to overthink. We complicate our lives and situations by overthinking try to keep your thinking as straight as possible don't make it too complex.

Ashish Trivedi: For me, the struggle is not that you don’t have work, the actual struggle is how you behave, react when you don’t have work. Being in Mumbai and struggling every day for good opportunities gives you mood swings, even more than a pregnant woman. I went through the same thing but I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving family. My parents made sure to call me every day and never asked me about how things are going work-wise because didn’t want to put more stress on me. My friends, back in Delhi, always kept the faith and pushed me while I felt low. I got friends in Mumbai always motivated me and still do. I go for various activities like taekwondo, boxing, cycling, listening to music, watching movies. I make sure I talk to my parents every day to keep my mind calm.  

Rohitashv Gour: Mental Health is very important for everyone, mental peace is most important, people are in stress with so many things in life like professional stress, personal stress and some are just stressed without reason. I have been in a phase where I fell in love with a girl when I was in NSD, doing theatre. Then it didn't work out and I was in emotional trauma. I didn't like anything, I had trust issues but at such times, we should look at things with a birds-eye view. We should talk with closed ones and small talk can change your view and change our thought process. Trusting is important and it’s very important to talk. Such problems lead to suicidal tendencies and many people kill themselves. Life is very precious and should take care of. We should live a stress-free life and live each day at a time. Yoga has been helpful to me and early morning walks and exercises too. Stay away from toxic people and unwind yourself with comedy movies and other things that make us feel happy.

Ira Sone: I, at some point in my life, had major health issues and it wasn’t easy to cope up emotionally. I started practicing inner engineering (Shambhavi Maha Mudra by Sadh Guru) daily and over the years it has helped me to become aware of my thoughts and feelings and act with composure. Three tips to keep yourself motivated is doing yoga, think positive and surround yourself with a few good people.

Ssharad Malhotra: At one point in time, I felt low in life and used to be very stressed and took the initiative to connect with Brahmakumaris and even visited the center. It had a very calming effect.

Malhar Pandya: It all depends on what you think. If something is giving you stress and you think it that way, then you will be stressed. When I don't count that particular thing as stress then it does not stress for me. I believe in fighting with the situation rather than stressing over it. It’s good to be emotional, every actor is emotional because if he is not, then he won't be able to enact his performance. I take every situation as learning in life. If there are things that are stressing me, I think about I would work it out to get away from the stress. In life, the more you meet people from different backgrounds and professions, talking to them can help you learn things. Making new friends and also meditation helps.

Shashank Vyas:  In 2009, my mother Geeta died of high blood pressure and cardiac arrest. I was devastated. I even thought of giving up on acting. I had not even signed ‘Balika Vadhu’ when my mom died. She couldn't see me on the screen. I read books and turned to spirituality to combat my situation, loneliness, and emptiness. She still lives in my thoughts and prayers. Her blessings are with me. One should always be connected to spirituality. I saw lots of changes in myself. It also taught me a very important word ie ACCEPTANCE. Whatever happens, it is God’s plan...we may not understand why but we have to accept God’s will.  The setting of realistic goals is important at this time. It helps you understand the purpose of life…nothing lasts forever, be good or bad, take life one day at a time.

Shivin Narang: Last to last year, due to some medical emergency in my family, I was affected personally and professionally. It's very natural to have negative thoughts in your mind. For me, what helps is being around my friends and close ones. It’s important to live in the moment and just think and do what is required. There is no need to think about the future or the past. Accept what all is going on in your life and don't run away from it.

Sneha Wagh: I’ve felt let down by life not once or twice but many times. Depression and insecurities come hand in hand in today's life. Especially in our glamour industry. I’m no different and have also faced these situations. One of the most difficult aspects of depression is the feeling of being left alone and the false belief that we are the only ones who are suffering. I can’t forget the shocking death of Pratyusha Bannerjee, who I was close to. Suicide is not an option. In many cases suicide seems like the easiest option. Your mind is clouded to the point where you can’t see any other way out. One thing I know is that is important to never suffer in silence. Talk about it. I learned this the hard way. But I started talking about how I feel. Just talk, speak up and don’t suffer in isolation. That's the only positive way I know and I practice. Spending more time with family. Since the family never judges us. And has seen us through ups and downs. Professional and personal stress.

Amit Sarin: I believe, mental health is misunderstood and is not taken very seriously in India. More awareness of this will certainly lead to a better quality of life.  An actor, whether he shares it or not, he goes through an emotional roller coaster, when he has to portray complexed characters and especially when he has to deal with success and failures in his career. I have gone through my phase of lows and highs too and luckily I had the guidance of my spiritual Guru, who helped me understand my ignorance and enlightened me to see life with a holistic approach. The few things that have helped me was to never take fame or shutterbugs seriously, prepare your list of things that you wish to do and just follow it, follow a routine, which brings discipline, always keep in mind that success is when preparation meets opportunity.

Arun Mandola: According to Astrology, every human feels emotionally weak twice in a month because of the Moon. Whenever I feel low or am facing emotional issues, I don't stop my daily routine work, My 50% problems have vanished since I follow a daily routine. Whenever I feel low or mentally weak, I listen to Lord shiva’s Bhajans and do meditation for my stress and trust me all my problems finish after doing this. Also, I do a heavy workout in the gym whenever I feel low and  I dress well to remove my negative energy.

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