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Woman’s face needed rebuilding after boyfriend left her looking like a crash victim .

Woman’s face needed rebuilding after boyfriend left her looking like a crash victim   .
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A domestic abuse victim had to spend three months in hospital after her boyfriend attacked her so badly her injuries were like she had been in a car crash. Katie Walker, 35, was left with shattered cheekbones, a shattered eye socket, a broken jaw, broken nose, a fractured skull and a puncture to her thigh. She had been punched in the face and then kicked in the head repeatedly while she lay on the floor unconscious. Her boyfriend had never hit her before the assault in Croxteth, Merseyside, although his controlling and angry behaviour had been evident. Katie said: ‘He would always kick off if I wanted to see friends and family. He would have fits of rage and throw things. ‘He also controlled me financially by giving me money. I never realised that this was a form of control until later – when I received counselling.

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‘On the day of the attack, we’d had a few drinks but not too many but when we got home he became really agitated. I didn’t feel threatened at the time because he had never hit me before. ‘When I think back to what happened it feels like a horror fillm. He punched me so hard I fell off my chair. ‘All I remember was lying on the floor and he was standing over me screaming at me. ‘When I came round my face was dripping with so much blood. I ran out the house and knocked on a neighbour’s door and they locked the door behind me.’ Her former boyfriend of nine months was sentenced to five years in prison for the attack in 2011. Katie has now spoken out to share pictures of what happened to her, and encourage other victims to get help. She described how she had to spend three months in hospital as surgeons reconstructed her face using metal plates to keep her features in place.

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After leaving hospital, Katie moved across Liverpool to try and get a fresh start but suffered panic attacks and found it hard to leave the house. ‘That made it worse as I felt so isolated and I didn’t know anyone,’ she said. ‘I started having counselling. After the second session, I remember coming home and I had a massive panic attack because I thought he was outside the house.’ Things started to change for the better when she met her husband back in 2012 who helped her to begin to overcome her lasting trauma. She said: ‘He helped me to deal with it all. ‘I would have panic attacks in my sleep and he would calm me down, especially when my attacker was released from prison.’ Katie, who runs a beauty salon in Walton, is now also raising money to open a domestic abuse centre.

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