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Wives of these 5 superstars are very simple, no.5 does lot of charity and social work

Indian movie stars have a huge fan following all over the world. Let's have a look at the wives of those 5 superstars who are very simple:

No.1 - Gopichand/Reshma

Wives of these 5 superstars are very simple, no.5 does lot of charity and social work
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Gopichand is a top action Hero of South film industry from last 18 years. He got married to Reshma in 2013. She's a very simple girl and has no attitude of being wife of a millionaire.

No.2 - Vijay/Sangeeta

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Vijay is a South superstar and is famous in North India too. He married a simple girl Sangeeta in 1999.

No.3 - Vivek Oberoi/Priyanka Alva

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Vivek is famous star of both South film industry and Bollywood. He married a very simple and homely girl Priyanka Alva in 2010.

No.4 - Anil Kapoor/Sunita Kapoor

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Anil fell in love with Sunita at a very young age and got married to her after becoming a star. She also leads a very simple life despite being wife of a millionaire.

No.5 - Ram Charan/Upasana

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South star Ram Charan got married to a very simple girl Upasana. She's a social worker and does lot of charity for poor and needy people. Upasana is associated with Apollo charity for this noble cause.

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Vijay always simple man👍👍👏

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very happy to seeu

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Piggy Chops

Looks like mother of anil kapoor

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