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Will the lockdown proceed after April 14, why lockdown for 21 days only - know

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a lockdown in India and this lockdown will continue till April 14. Prime Minister Modi also announced to the people that he should stay at home as much as possible and to prevent the spread of this epidemic, the Government of India. Help in the meantime, a pain has arisen in the minds of the people that after all this lockdown will be right only on April 14 or further lockdown will be made. Then answer your questions

Will the lockdown proceed after April 14, why lockdown for 21 days only - know
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Will the lockdown not proceed?

It will depend on how many patients are still coming to India every day, the Government of India is taking the whole initiative to stop the corona infection from going into the third phase. If through this lockdown, we will stop the chain of transmission of infection, then the lockdown may not last long. But if the disease reaches the third stage, then the lockdown can last for months.

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Why lockdown for 21 days only?

There is a scientific reason behind this. But according to experts, the reason behind this is the character of Corona virus. Dr. Suresh Kumar Rathi is Associate Professor in Public Health Foundation of India. He said "The incubation period" of this virus is 14 days. That is, anytime within 14 days Its infection can be detected. After that it can spread to others for 5-7 days. The government decided for 21 days to break this life cycle of the virus. Have taken Doctor Rathi claims that it has been decided to keep the lockdown for 21 days only on the advice of doctors and experts.

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