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Wife of Sonu Nigam is 15 years younger than him, Beauty is such that even the moon blushes

Sonu Nigam, the famous singer of Hindi cinema, has earned a lot of name in the world of music due to his powerful voice. It is said that Sonu Nigam started singing at the age of just 4 years. At present, Sonu Nigam has become 46 years old while his wife Madhurima Nigam is 32 years old.

Wife of Sonu Nigam is 15 years younger than him, Beauty is such that even the moon blushes
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Although there is a lot of difference in the age of Sonu Nigam and his wife, but the pair of these two looks very fabulous. Sometime back Sonu Nigam was spotted at the airport with wife Madhurima Nigam. Sonu looks cool in gray wavy style pants with black t-shirt at the airport. At the same time, his wife Madhurima is looking very glamorous in denim blue ripped jeans with gray full sleeves tshirt.

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Sonu Nigam's wife Madhurima Nigam is also active on social media. He has shared many of his beautiful pictures through his social media account. Let us show you some beautiful pictures taken from the Instagram account of Madhurima Nigam.

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Sonu Nigam married Madhurima in the year 2002. Before marriage, both of them had an affair. According to the information, Sonu Nigam and Madhurima met during a program where he gave them his heart.

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Sonu Nigam has sung lots of the best songs in the Hindi cinema world. Sonu Nigam has also acted in some Bollywood films. However, he could not achieve anything special in the field of acting. People get overwhelmed by listening to the songs sung by Sonu Nigam.

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32-17=15 yrs when she got married. That means they fell in when she was 13-14. Are you insane writer?

6 Days ago


Abe kauns angle se young aur beautiful hai ye. JAHIL AUTHOR. FAKE INFO

6 Days ago


Shayad, he is bro of amit datta....

5 Days ago

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