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Wider angle: highlights from the Portrait Salon 2019 – in pictures

From an entrepreneur known as the Black Farmer to Ant and Dec raising their legs, this salon des refusés showcases the striking images turned down for the Taylor Wessing portrait award

  • Darren Bell, master in charge of polo and head of photography at Harrow school

    Madeleine Waller: ‘I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I began as photographer-in-residence at one of the UK’s elite all-boys boarding schools. I set out to capture a sense of the place and the individuals who give it meaning’

    Photograph: Madeleine Waller

    Wider angle: highlights from the Portrait Salon 2019 – in pictures
  • Jon in Cascais, Portugal

    Matt MacPake: ‘I’d taken a number of portraits that holiday. I noticed Jon’s tattoo and it seemed quite fitting to use this as the title of the image. It was our first holiday together, as friends with babies and young children. Times had changed. As always, much fun was had by everyone but No Silliness was always in the back of our minds’

    Photograph: Matt MacPake

  • Kadirbarj Abylajkhan with his tazy dogs

    Ben Roberts: ‘In 2018, I was commissioned by Patek Phillipe to document the third World Nomad Games in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. More than 2,000 athletes from 80 different nations gathered in the remote central Asian territory to compete in sports that have been preserved through generations of nomadic culture – from wrestling on horseback to traditional archery with handmade bows and arrows. This photograph is of a Kazakhstani hunting competitor’

    Photograph: Ben Roberts/Panos Pictures

  • Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, also known as the Black Farmer

    Amit Lennon: ‘Wilfred is quite an impressive character. After a successful career in TV as a producer, and running a food marketing agency, he set up his farm in Devon and founded his gluten-free food brand. Success has allowed him to set up scholarships to mentor and encourage people from ethnic minorities to work in the rural community. All this while battling cancer! He had just come from treatment here, but was positive and excited to be photographed’

    Photograph: Amit Lennon/Amit Lennon Photography

  • Generation Z: (from left) Cary Fuhrtz, Kyiah Robinson, Kenya Robinson and Jorden Green

    Nicola Muirhead: ‘These girls represent what will be the future of the island of Bermuda. They will have to take up the challenge of navigating through the legacy of the island’s colonial past; finding strength in their shared human stories, to which we are all connected’

    Photograph: Nicola Muirhead/TBC

  • Jimothy, rapper

    Sarah Lee: ‘It was a complete joy . He was at his mother’s house, and there was a lovely contrast between his designer clothes, expensive recording equipment etc and his tiny childhood bedroom, still with its bunk bed and stuffed toys. He was happy to collaborate on the images, which I also loved. The blue of the ceiling was a bit of a gift with that sweatshirt’

    Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

  • Katie

    William Green: ‘This portrait is taken from a project that looks at the journeys people take on buses every day in London. After picking a certain route and interior I liked I asked my sitters if I could shoot them there. This portrait of Katie was taken on the 108 – the only route that travels through the Blackwall tunnel’

    Photograph: William Green

  • Ibrahim Alam

    Kelvin Murray: ‘This image is of a young and incredibly gifted pianist called Ibrahim Alam. He’s mainly self-taught and attends Bow school in London’s East End. When I met him at his school, he sat and played without sheet music, moving from piece to piece seamlessly. The music flowed from inside him. This picture comes from a series I shot of young musicians, which accompanied a film I made called For the Love of Music. I hope the world is kind to Ibrahim and his obvious talent finds reward’

    Photograph: Kelvin Murray

  • Ché-Loui and Evelyn-Rose

    Mark Wallis: ‘They were captured impromptu at their home in Kent on the morning of their mother’s wedding. It was a brief moment of calm and reflection amid the chaos of a house full of family and the stress of the big day’

    Photograph: Mark Wallis

  • Ant and Dec

    David Vintiner: ‘This was originally . It took its inspiration from portraits of Gilbert and George. I started off well but inevitably ended up confusing which one was Ant and which one was Dec. I guess they’re used to it’

    Photograph: David Vintiner

  • Jenni

    David Woolfall: ‘Jenni was shot near Lewisham hospital in London. In the background is Ladywell Fields park. It was taken for a series exploring people’s life-changing moments’

    Photograph: David Woolfall

  • Florence Nyiramahirwe in

    Mwurire, Rwanda Carol Allen Storey: ‘It is late afternoon, Brian, three years old, snuggles up to his mum Florence to take a snooze while she comforts him with a loving hand. Florence Nyiramahirwe, 19 is in a relaxed mood as she recollects about how she was despondent when she became pregnant at the young age of 15. ‘When I became pregnant I was not prepared for parenting, I lost hope. my boyfriend vanished. Recently, I returned to school with the support of Hope for Rwanda a local charity supporting teenage single mothers’

    Photograph: Carol Allen Storey

  • Alex, Maddie and Daniel

    Zoe Norfolk: ‘I started this series in the summer. I wanted a challenge and decided to focus on three-children families, and the different dynamics this brings. The picture is taken in Daniel’s room, the youngest. I was keen to capture a moment in their young lives that would be gone by the next year’

    Photograph: Zoe Norfolk

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