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Why do people lie and you will be surprised to know

In a new study, researchers have claimed that people who are under pressure during work at home or office are more likely to lie if they are asked a question. In other words, under pressure, even such people can take the support of lies that you expect them to tell the truth.

Why do people lie and you will be surprised to know
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Scientist John Protojko of California University Santa Barbara (UCSB) said, "We often answer questions in a hasty manner and never think about how it happens." But, in terms of psychology, it is a big question in itself. ”He said that under pressure people know that he is lying, but he says the same thing that the front wants to hear because maybe If you tell the truth, then the person in front reacts sharply and the thing made is spoiled.

Protojko said, "This means that we always have two kinds of thoughts coming into our brain." One idea comes spontaneously and immediately, while the other is rational. We never say rational things without thinking. The study is published in a journal called Psychological Science.

Apart from this, a new study has revealed that in some professions people lie because the perception about that profession has become wrong. American academics Brian C. Gunia and Emma E. Levine have found in their research that there has been a perception in some professions that those who work in it twists the truth and they are better for these jobs. According to the study, the jobs that focus on increasing sales more than customer satisfaction, have such a perception about those occupations.

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