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Why Rolls-Royce cars are so incredibly amazing

Why Rolls-Royce cars are so incredibly amazing

11 Sep 2019

If there is anything that looks more alluring than a swanky hypercar, it is a Rolls-Royce.

An RR makes an epitome of luxury that beats every other automobile in the market, starting from the best of Mercedes to the classiest of Bentleys.

However, this popularity of Rolls-Royce often makes people wonder what is it about these cars that makes them special.

Let's find out.

Classiest design and automotive mascot

Reason #1

Rolls-Royce cars carry hefty price tags but with a design and mascot like no other.

Specifically, the tall body of an RR features a long lean hood bearing an ornamental emblem - the Spirit of Ecstasy.

It shows a woman leaning forward with her arms outstretched behind and above and gives an extremely premium feel, something that no other automobile has on offer.

Premium high-quality materials

Reason #2

Another thing that makes Rolls-Royce cars special is the use of best-in-class materials.

Other premium six-figure cars' manufacturers may cut corners, but a Rolls-Royce is just what it promises - premium leather seats made from bull hide, wood-made dashboard, high-quality metal components, customizable gold-made emblem, et al.

The quality of components on a Rolls-Royce car won't ever disappoint you.

Starlight roof for a ride like no other

Reason #3

The next best thing about Rolls-Royce is its ability to provide you with the experience of a starlit roof.

Yes, most RR models come with an option to employ a complex system of hand-stitched optical fibers to replicate the view of the night sky on the roof.

It creates an illusion but looks completely realistic.

Meter to show power being utilized

Reason #4

Rolls-Royce cars churn out immense power with their highly-capable V12 engines and can go real quick in no time.

However, in order to ensure that the driver remains in control, the automaker provides a power indicator.

This analog meter takes power output information from an onboard computer and shows how much power is being utilized at a time and how much is in reserve.

Minimalistic dashboard controls

Reason #5

Finally, it is the interior design that makes Rolls-Royce cars special.

Every single Rolls-Royce model thrives on minimalism and offers just enough functions to give a complete driving experience.

The sliding wooden panel hides extra controls and infotainment buttons, offering the perfect mix of high-end technology and elegance.

Simply put, a Rolls-Royce doesn't bombard you with technology, which makes it pretty unique.

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