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Who is the most secretive man in history?

Well, there are many mysterious people in the world, in which I will mention a name, Pythagoras, hopefully you must have read Pythagoras theorem in school days, it was born before 6th century BC.

● He was the first Western philosopher who linked Philosophy to mathematics and called himself "Philosopher"

● Pythagoras roaming in other countries at most times of life

Who is the most secretive man in history?
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● Pythagoras had opened a school, and started a new religion; Those who believed in his religion were called "Pythagorean", divided the people who came to the school in 2 parts, the first part was called "Listeners" to "Learner" And Math Mattechy used to say, some confidential knowledge should be given to the Learner people only.

● Women were allowed to enter the Pythagoras Academy

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● Pythagoras wrote out of his academy "He does not come in the institute if he does not get the Geometry." Later, when Pluto opened his school, he also wrote the same thing at his school gate ● People coming to Pythagoras Academy "pulses "They did not eat things with beans; they used to prefer squares, their opinion was life in pulses, while there was no such thing as a branch in the immediate Greek society.

● Pythagoras used to say that he remembered his 3 previous births and believed in a previous birth, while the Semitic religions (Christian, Jeuse, Muslim) did not have any idea of ​​rebirth. This idea was purely found in Hinduism and in that period today also

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● The idea of ​​silence - According to that if you do not know anything then silence is better

● Pythagoras had said that the rule of mathematics is the rule of the universe

● Pythagoras used to see defeat as a digit in the form of points that the public also had the numbers in the form of numbers, as today, in the form of numbers, its fever is expressed in numbers, sugar level, blood pressure etc as numbers only. A mathematical language of diseases has been developed. Pythagoras had taken this idea before 6th century BC.

● Whatever guitar, violin or string musical instrument you have seen today, Pythagoras had started

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