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Where did Vikram Lander go, ISRO begins investigation to hide the mystery

Hello friends, all of you are welcome to our channel Priya News. Today we will tell you about Chandrayaan-2. Let's see the whole story now.

Where did Vikram Lander go, ISRO begins investigation to hide the mystery
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ISRO scientists are now investigating where the Vikram Lander landings went wrong, how they happened and why. For this, ISRO scientists have started digging long and wide data. ISRO scientists are studying in detail Vikram Lander's telemetric data, signal, software, hardware, liquid engine to find the answer to this question.

Last 20 minutes of data

Vikram's landing was messed up in the last moments. This problem started when the Vikram lander was just 2.1 kilometers above the lunar surface. Now scientists are analyzing the way of landing of Vikram Lander. According to the report, there may be some secret hidden in the performance data of every sub-system. Here the mention of liquid engine is very important. This has been an important role in the landing of Vikram Lander.

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Data downloaded from sensor

When Vikram Lander was trying to land on the lunar surface, his sensors sent several data to the command center. These include many other data including a picture of the moon's surface. ISRO's team is working on this.

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Trying to contact Vikram Lender

ISRO scientists are constantly trying to make contact with the lander. Scientists believe that if Vikram has crashed the land, his equipment will be damaged, but if the orbiter tries to contact the lander in the right direction, contact can be established.

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Help from other agencies

Space agencies around the world were eyeing Chandrayaan-2's landing. Therefore, ISRO can also consider that necessary sensor data associated with Vikram lander be taken from other agencies, such as space station, telescope, so that the location of Vikram lander can be found.

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