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When Yuvraj was asked who is the best captain of team India - he gave a shocking answer

Tell us that Yuvraj Singh, the best player of the Indian cricket team, has retired from international cricket and now he can be seen playing in the upcoming T20 league. Cricket player Yuvraj announced his retirement Mumbai had to do it in the city and then he had given an answer to all his questions while talking to reporters.

When Yuvraj was asked who is the best captain of  team India - he gave a shocking answer
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Friends, in the meantime, a question was asked of them as to what is the best captain of the Indian cricket team who is the player.

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Answering the question to the guys, UV said that I had started playing under the leadership of cricket player Sourav Ganguly and had played cricket in the captaincy of Dhoni and Kohli. But, I think Sourav Ganguly and Dhoni Indians The cricket team had two great captains.

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Indian player Yuvraj said that Dada had initially created the cricket team, we were part of the final World Cup final in the 2003 World Cup under the leadership of Indian player Sourav Ganguly and 28 years later under Dhoni's leadership in the World Cup 2011, The title of the cup was named, so I think these two players were one of the best captains of the Indian cricket team, whose captaincy was a lot Bale played.

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Telling you that Yuvraj had spoken openly about his cricket career by announcing his retirement. He also said, "I was fortunate enough to have played 400 tunes on behalf of the Indian cricket team. When I first started playing cricket, I did not even think about it. I can tell you in terms of how much it really matters to me. This great game taught me to fight with difficult situations. The success I have achieved so far, more than that I could see failure, but I never gave up.

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who has written this. scrap English

5 Months ago

Tipu Sultan

improve your English ....even a student of class 5 can write better english than yours....

5 Months ago


yuvi is selfish player when dhawan got injured he give immediate retirement what a selfish player he is

5 Months ago

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