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What’s Worse Than A Heartbreak You Ask? Here’s Your Answer Dearies

What’s Worse Than A Heartbreak You Ask? Here’s Your Answer Dearies

Oh heartbreak my old friend...

The first time I experienced heartbreak was when I was 9. He was my bench partner, a sweet innocent young boy who loved to take a lot of space.

Our one-sided love story soon ended when he switched seats. On the plus side, I finally started paying attention to what my teacher was teaching, ha!

Honestly heartbreak isn't that bad you all! As Alia Bhatt famously says in “Tragedy is the new cool”. Although, she might be a total hypocrite, seeing how she ends up with Arjun Kapoor her words nevertheless have consoled me on many a ‘’ kinda days

So for all you chanting single folk, let me remind you that there are pains far WORSE than a heartbreak, like the following.

When Your Memory Fails You More than Love

That Really Hurts!

What’s Worse that a Heartbreak? A Discharged Phone.

No Hanging in the Middle!

‘He’s Honestly not THAAAAT Bad’. Yes and Neither is the Idea of Staying Single

At least They Like to Check Up!

No Mom, NO.

The ONLY extrACTION You’re Getting this Season!

The Absolute Worse! Feel guilty in 3...2...1


“Yeah mom, how do you make ?”

Empty fridge > Empty bed

Saved the Best For the Last, Of Course!

See, I told you and you thought your heartbreak was the end of the world. You can thank us later.

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