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What should a pregnant woman eat during pregnancy

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Every pregnant woman wants her baby to be healthy and healthy at the time of her birth. Pregnant women often incorporate many new things into their diet to fulfill their desire. But most women are like this, who do not know which quantities of food should be eaten after getting pregnant.

What should a pregnant woman eat during pregnancy

Actually, many types of misconceptions and myths are also associated with things that are eaten during pregnancy. Because of this, pregnant women often do not get the right information. They do not know what they should eat during the pregnancy and what is not.

What to eat during pregnancy

1. Dairy Products


Since you are pregnant, you will need more protein and calcium for the development of yourself and your baby. The body of pregnant woman from 19 to 50 years of age needs 1,000mg calcium per day. That's why you must include dairy products in your diet. Dairy products such as curd, buttermilk, milk, etc. are very beneficial for the development of pregnant women and the baby born in the womb. Keep in mind that pregnant woman should use pasteurized dairy products only.

2. Broccoli and green leafy vegetables


Pregnant women should definitely include green leafy vegetables in their diet. Therefore, you must eat vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Iron in the spinach removes the lack of blood during pregnancy.

3. dry fruits


Add dry fruits to your diet during pregnancy. Many types of vitamins, calories, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, etc. are found in nuts, which are quite good for health. If you are not allergic, add cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. to your diet. There is plenty of omega 3 fatty acids in the nut. In addition, almonds and cashews also benefit from pregnancy.

4. sweet potato


Even sweet potato (sweet potato) food is also very beneficial in pregnancy. It contains vitamin A, which plays an important role in developing the baby's visual power. In addition, vitamin-C, folate and fiber are also present in it.

5. Whole grains

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Make sure to include whole grains in your diet during pregnancy. Especially useful during the second and third quarters of pregnancy is the consumption of whole grains. This gives you plenty of calories, which helps in the development of the baby in the womb. You can add oats, canoe, brown rice, etc. as a whole grain in your diet. These grains contain a rich amount of protein. In addition, they also contain fiber, vitamin-B and magnesium, which benefit in pregnancy.

6. Avocado


Avocado is a fruit that is recommended for every pregnant woman to eat. There is a lot of foetal in it, which is very beneficial for the growth of the infant's brain and its backbone in the womb. In addition, avocado also contains vitamin-K, potassium, copper, monounsaturated fats, vitamin-E, etc. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to eat an avocado daily.

7. Cod Liver Oil

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Cod liver oil consumption in pregnancy is also beneficial. This oil cod is made from fish levers. There are plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin-D and vitamin-A, which are considered necessary for the development of the eyes and brain of the baby. In addition, cod liver oil also protects the infant in the womb from the risk of type 1 diabetes. It has been proved in a research that women who take cod lever oil during pregnancy, their infant is less prone to diabetes. Keep in mind that in the same pregnancy, take cod liver oil in the same amount, so that your body gets 300 microgram Vitamin-A and 100 microgram Vitamin-D. Consuming excessive COD lever oil can damage the fetus.

8. Egg


Egg is a treasure of nutritious elements. Eating daily eggs keeps energy in the body. Therefore, pregnant women should also include eggs in their diet. Eggs are found in proteins, colin, biotin, cholesterol, vitamin D and antioxidants. Apart from this, a large egg contains 77 calorie energy. Therefore, eggs are considered to be very beneficial for pregnant women.

9. meat without fat


If pregnant women are non-vegetarian, then they must include meat in their diet. There are plenty of iron in iron, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Often pregnant women have iron deficiency in the body. Because of this, the level of hemoglobin starts falling in their blood. In such a way, consuming meat for pregnant women can prove to be very beneficial. However, pregnant women should include non-fat meat only in their diet.

10. Drink plenty of water


Every person should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Pregnant women should follow this rule more strictly. They may have problems like headache, fatigue, constipation, etc. due to water scarcity. Therefore, pregnant women are always advised to keep themselves hydrated.

11. Fruits and Fruit Juices


In pregnancy, the woman should eat a variety of seasonal fruits. If possible, they should include fruits such as oranges, watermelons, pears etc. in their diet. Apart from this, they can also drink juice of these fruits. Indeed, pregnant woman is advised to eat fruits of four different colors.

12. Fruit of Plum Species


Consumption of fruit of plum species in pregnancy is also considered beneficial. It contains plenty of water, carbohydrate and vitamin C, which is essential for the development of pregnant woman and infant in the womb. Therefore, pregnant women should include fruit such as strawberries, raspberry, blackberry etc. in their diet.

13. Legumes

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Beans must be consumed in pregnancy. They contain folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, fiber, etc. which are considered to be very beneficial for pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to eat peas, gram, soyabean etc.

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