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What kind of people will not succeed in life

Krishna taught Arjuna the Bhagwada Gita, but:

“Why didn’t he teach it to Duryodhana? If he had taught him, the great Mahabharata would never have happened.”

Well, he tried.

Krishna reached Duryodhana and explained, what he is doing is immoral, is adharma, he is doing evil to humanity.

Now what Duryodhana replied is beautiful, he said:

“Krishna, don’t tell me what is right and what is wrong. I know what is dharma and what is adharma.
I know what is dharma but can’t do it, I know what is adharma but can’t stop myself from doing it”
“There is some power in me which makes me do wrong, this is who I am, and I can’t change.”

In the battlefield, Arjuna asked Krishna the same thing:

“Krishna there is some force inside us humans.
It forces us not to do right, even after we know it should be done.
And forces us to do wrong, even after we know it should not be done.
How can I, Krishna, come over this force?”

Similar situations, but there is a subtle difference.

If you notice, Arjuna asked how to overcome this force, how to improve, on the other hand, Duryodhana accepted himself as he was.

Arjuna, as we know, was the hero of Mahabharata and Dhuryodhana the villain.

What kind of people will not succeed in life
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How to take responsibility, how to overcome this force, what did Krishna answer? Some other day. But for now:

What is a common trait of unsuccessfulpeople?

They don’t ask how to change, and they don’t take responsibility to change, they blame it on situations.

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Bhagwat gita and Mahabharat both are fake and imaginary story. Hindus becones a great cheater and rapist after referring to this fake story. How Krishna saying a God remains with human on battle field taking ones side. In today's time hindus becomes more n more liar, this shows end of religion belief.

11 Months ago


What is Krishna's answer.. please soon

10 Months ago


something good in UC news 👍👍👍 keep up posts like this 😊

11 Months ago

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