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What is wrong in congratulating winner, asks actor Unni Mukundan

What is wrong in congratulating winner, asks actor Unni Mukundan

KOCHI: A day after he was verbally attacked by a section of social media users for wishing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on being re-elected, actor Unni Mukundan said there was nothing wrong in congratulating the winner. The actor took to his Facebook handle on Friday and said there is nothing wrong in appreciating the mandate of the people of this great nation.

“I have not extended my support to any political party or any religious party, if at all it exists, but that is what I felt reading the comments and the hatred spewed in it. So the point is, if you label me ‘Sanghi’ or ‘Chanakam’ (which is actually of high medicinal value), I really think you are putting forth a very bad and totally dishonest image of yourselves. It is highly disappointing for me as a person because of the very fact that we are so blinded by religion, caste and creed, which is so visible on social media, I’m scared we don’t have the courage or decency to accept what has happened right in front of our eyes. Where has the sportsman spirit gone?” asked the actor.

He added that calling him names would not serve the point anyway. “My post is precise for those who take politics so seriously they forget we are common people who meet each other on a daily basis, shake hands and move on... the amount of hatred gets us nothing!,” read the Facebook post.
The actor, in the wake of election results, had congratulated Narendra Modi and the NDA, stating their win as a stellar one.

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