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What does swastika स्वास्तिक sign mean 15000 years old history

In Hindu, there is a lot of importance of Swasthik, before any auspicious function, auspicious work is started only after making a swastika symbol in Hinduism.

What does swastika स्वास्तिक sign mean 15000 years old history
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The swastika symbol is also considered to be the Mars symbol. The word Swastik is derived from Sanskrit 'su' and 'asti'. Here 'su' means auspicious and 'asti' means to be. Swastika means 'be auspicious', 'be welfare'. Swastika's sign has been used in Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism for many centuries. Western travelers coming to Asia in ancient times, impressed by the positiveness of this sign, returned home and used it at their homes. By the 20th century, swastikas began to be used as good luck and good luck in the whole world. The history of the swastika symbol is very old.

Apart from Hinduism, it has been used in many corners of the world for thousands of years. But what this symbol of Swastika actually represents, there are many facts behind it. There are four types of lines in the swastika, which have the same shape.

  • Importance of four lines

It is believed that these swastika lines point in four directions - East, West, North and South. But according to Hindu beliefs these lines symbolize the four Vedas - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda and Samaveda. Some also believe that these four lines represent the four ends of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe.

  • Symbol of four gods

Apart from this, these four lines have been compared to the four Purusharthas, the four Ashrams, the four lokas and the four Devas i.e. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Lord Shiva) and Ganesha.

  • Center position

In Hinduism, if the four lines of the swastika are believed to be the same as the four heads of Lord Brahma, the resultant point in the middle is the navel of Lord Vishnu, from which Lord Brahma appears. Apart from this, this middle part also indicates the beginning of one axle of the world.

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  • Sign of sun god

The four lines of the swastika run in a clockwise direction, symbolizing the right direction of the world. According to Hindu beliefs, if a circular line is drawn around the swastika, it is considered a sign of the Sun God. The Sun God who lights the whole world with his energy.

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  • 15000 year old swastika

Even in the countries of Central Asia, the symbol of swastika is considered to be associated with good luck. In ancient Iraq, the symbol of the swastika was used to conquer weapons. There are references to the use of swastikas in the Baltic to Balkans in Western Europe, in addition to ancient Greece. There is 1 National Museum located in Ukraine located in the eastern part of Europe, in this museum many types of swastika signs can be seen which are up to 15000 years old.

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  • In different countries

Herumb is worshiped in Nepal, Acton in Egypt and Maha Pienne in Burma. The Mavari tribals of Australia and New Zealand are also worshiped as Swastika, a symbol of Mars.

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