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What are some easy hacks to reduce tummy fat?

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Here are 7 ways to help you get rid of your belly. Let's get started! lose weight!

What are some easy hacks to reduce tummy fat?
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How to reduce tummy fat? Here I want to share some tips to help gus. My secret is just 7 steps !

1.Eat less for dinner

Eating too much dinner is not easy to digest, which causes fat to accumulate in the abdomen, and it will naturally grow into a small belly for a long time. Eat as little dinner as possible every day, and eat lightly. If you are not very hungry, just eat 30-50% full. Two hours after a meal may wish to have some yogurt to help digestion. Eat less for dinner is definitely the first premise to help you get rid of your belly!

2. Standing against the wall after meals

Half an hour after dinner, let the entire body face back against the wall, clamp the buttocks, so that the hips, legs, waist, head, neck, etc. are as close as possible to the wall. At first, you can clamp the paper. Whichever falls. After a few minutes, you will be very tired and your muscles will become sour, but you must stick to it. After 15 minutes you will be free! This method can not only thin waist and belly, but also thin neck and face! Do it at least once a day, and you will see results in a week!

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3. Keep your stomach muscles in when walking

When you walk and stand normally, you can shrink your abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make your abdomen firm. This method is invisible.

This helps stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promotes the excretion of waste from the body, and enhances lung capacity. I'm not used to it at first, but just remind myself at any time that "shrink my abdomen can lose weight". After a few weeks, not only will the abdomen become more and more flat, but also the walking posture is more charming!

4. Pick up beans

Bending over the waist can help to thin the abdomen, but bending over the waist looks silly and tasteless, it is more difficult to adhere to, I suggest to pick up the beans!

Pour about 200 soya beans on the ground every day, then bend down (you can't bend your legs !!) Pick up the soya beans one by one and place them in the basin on the table.

Bend down and pick up the beans. Straighten the beans on the waist plate and bend down until you finish picking up the beans. This is equivalent to doing 200 bends and lowering the waist. If you stick to it for a month or two, you can lose your belly, and your hips and legs will have unexpected gains. !!

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5.Standing twisted

This can be practiced at noon or at night. If you're watching TV, while you're watching ads, get up and stand, lift your chest and abdomen, then twist your waist left and right(Similar to the twisting movement of belly dance, it is necessary to use the waist to force, not the strength of the legs or back.) Persist 100 times every day to ensure that you can get rid of your small belly!

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Massage is the most commonly used method of thinning the abdomen. Using rubbing to promote blood circulation and promote gastrointestinal motility, thereby reducing intestinal absorption of nutrients, allowing metabolic waste to escape from the body, can also help improve constipation!

7.Coarse salt massage

Coarse salt has a sweating effect, which can help discharge waste and excess water from the body. When taking a bath, add some hot salt to a paste to make a paste, then apply it on the abdomen for massage. Wait until the coarse salt particles have completely melted and then rinse off. Then you can start taking a bath. But don't use too much force during the massage to avoid roughening the skin. If your skin is more sensitive, a lighter bath salt will be more comfortable.

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