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What Do Women Want From Men ?

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What do a woman or girl really want from her partner? This is a secret question with a secret answer for today's youth. Almost everyone in today's era have outdoor relationship. Those relationship have love and marriage as base but how to take this love more longer. So guys today you are going to know the 8 things that a girl often wants her soulmate to do. So let's read it out-

1. Trust her when she is with other boys

What Do Women Want From Men ?
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Being possessive is good but over possessiveness is not good for any relationship. Just be liberal and follow the world.

2. They love compliments

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Practice complimenting your soulmate so as to make out rudeness. Compliment for beauty behavior and cuteness gonna make them feel you love.

3.Stop telling your or your soulmate's friend everything

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Relationship have limited access. If you are over caught for your relationship then it's the end for now. Girls don't like to noticed for and by their relationship.

4. Dress up as she want

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Show you loyalty and love as she like to see you in her favorite dress. Make her your fan.

5. Often say the three magical word

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Love is an abstract and cannot be seen. So practice saying I Love You more than her expectations.

6. Forgiveness is a key for life long relationship

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Forgive her as much as you can. The relationship is never gonna be successful until and unless you learn forgiveness.

7. Express her everything

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Express your feelings past present and future to her because love have no curtain and barrier.

8. Do what she want you to do

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over all be her loyal dog ? bs

9 Days ago

david jones

All they want is money blood sucking girls.

7 Days ago


A call girl is never so demanding Society women want to be pampered by their hosts, husbands, boyfriends to show off that they command respect but in their homes, the scene is quite different.

8 Days ago

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